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Turnitin Partner Program

Growing the customer value together

Yuliya Gorenko
Yuliya Gorenko
Senior Marketing Communications Specialist, Alliances






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The pandemic is changing our world in ways that we are only beginning to understand. At Turnitin, this illuminated something our company already knew: we need each other. Partnership has proved vital to the changing business landscape and the data suggests we can only expect to see partnership opportunities continue to increase in importance over the coming year.

Turnitin’s focus has always been to provide our Partners with the tools they need to thrive. We do this by creating mutual opportunities with exceptional impact. Trustworthy alliances helped us and our strategic Partners succeed in 2020, despite unbelievable world challenges. We plan to build on this momentum this year. During uncertain times, sometimes the only direction to move is forward.

Turnitin Partner Program

By partnering with companies that share our vision and purpose, we create powerful alliances that make learning more effective. These bonds help us keep innovating in the continually evolving landscape of EdTech.

We ally ourselves with a wide range of companies. Our Partners are able to service academic and corporate customers from large institutions to individuals. Whether it be traditional K-12 education or research and publishing in the private sector, we’re here to help our Partners excel.

In order to do this, we offer a wide range of products and services for our Partners:

  • We make it easier to prevent plagiarism in student assignments with our academic integrity products.
  • We empower instructors with time-saving personalized assessment and feedback tools with Turnitin Feedback Studio.
  • We reimagined grading with Gradescope for paper-based exams and assignments, online homework, and programming projects.
  • We help students improve their writing with Revision Assistant.
  • Researchers and publishers can feel confident that their reputation will be protected with iThenticate -- the premier tool for researchers to check their original works for potential plagiarism.

To further optimize our approach, we partner with organizations in three key ways.

1. Technical Partnerships

Our technical Partners are able to integrate Turnitin products into their existing systems. By doing so, our technical Partners provide additional value to their customers with our innovative software. For instance, Turnitin integration with major learning management systems allows the latter to provide a complete repertoire of educational and editorial tools to their end-users.

Our tools can be incorporated into an existing framework via learning tools interoperability (LTI) or modern RESTful Application Program Interface. Turnitin makes it easy for Partners to increase their offerings with our seamless integration options.

Camayak, a technology vendor focused on pre-publishing content management, needed a way to make their processes faster and more visual. They partnered with Turnitin to integrate similarity detection into their platform.

“Universities can now streamline their content approval process while leveraging the power of Turnitin’s technology automatically within their workflow,” said Success Director Roman Heindorff. “This saves time and also turns duplication-checking into a visually active part of the editing process.”

If you’re looking to provide even greater value to those who utilize your services, becoming a Partner is a step forward. The global demand for academic integrity and smart integrations for learning makes Turnitin a value-add, market-ready solution.

2. Content Partnerships

Members of our Content Partner Program gain access to Turnitin’s plagiarism checking tool for use in their own publication process. Additionally, Partners have their content added to Turnitin’s unique database, guarding them from the possibility of being plagiarized. This allows for greater ease of mind and streamlines the editorial process.

Crossref, a membership organization based in Oxford, England, and Massachusetts, shares Turnitin’s passion for learning and authenticity in publishing. Crossref works with a large and diverse membership of publishers to help preserve, connect, and make knowledge easier to find in academic databases and many online sources. They organize millions of metadata research tags to improve scholarly communication. By partnering with Turnitin, they help ensure the integrity of the content publishers develop and curate.

Turnitin fuels Crossref’s ability to mitigate academic and professional plagiarism for its publisher membership. iThenticate by Turnitin checks content for similarity by comparing it to other published academic writing and research across the web -- giving publishers a valuable tool to improve originality and credibility.

If you’re looking to streamline the process of authenticating content, joining our partner program is a win-win. We simplify plagiarism checking so you can channel your energy into your company’s mission.

3. Commercial Partnerships

We create commercial partnerships with the primary goal of helping our Partners reach their goals. We do this by supporting our Partners technically, marginally, and with co-marketing. There are three types of commercial partnerships Turnitin offers: reseller, referral, and independent software vendor partners.

Resellers provide Turnitin tools to their customer base. Upon selling, they receive a commission from us. Similarly, Referral Partners recommend our services when they feel they are appropriate for their clients. In this scenario, Turnitin still handles the entirety of the sales process with our referral partners.

Within independent software vendor (ISV) partnerships, the sales process is owned entirely by the Partner. They offer our services directly, allowing them to tailor their approach as they see fit while also benefiting from our unique software and an expanded product range.

We pride ourselves on partnering with companies that share our values. As Commercial Director of our partner Edu Labs, Claudia Cardenas states, “We share a mutual purpose: being a partner to our customers and helping them to accomplish their eLearning goals.”

If you want to help your customers accomplish their goals while growing your business, join our referral or reseller program and add value to your business and your customers.

Our Benefits Are The Key To Differentiating Your Business

With over 20 years of experience, we’ve developed the best-in-class software with the mission to ensure the integrity of global education and research. We’ve learned how to integrate this software in numerous ways, meaning you can painlessly adapt our tools to your needs. Just as important, our Partners can tailor our solutions to meet the needs of their customers.

Whether you need the plagiarism assurance of Turnitin Originality and Similarity, the research manuscript scanning of iThenticate, or the grading abilities of Gradescope, we are happy to provide the tools that help our partners succeed. Onboarding is easy, and we offer on-demand training to ensure Partners benefit immediately.

With our flexible business model, we can forge authentic technical, content, and commercial partnerships, ensuring we adapt to best serve our Partners. With the help of our products, you can provide value to your customers that will make you stand out against the competition while also furthering the values of integrity and authenticity.


We believe our Partners’ success is our success. By forming strategic partnerships, companies are able to shape the market and provide unique value to their customers. This is precisely what we aim to do with our Partner Program. We provide Partners with solutions to the current market needs, and this gives them more opportunity to optimize and grow.