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There's a New Standard in Academic Integrity

Introducing Turnitin Originality

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As the new term approaches, schools and universities are faced with the difficult task of adapting high-quality, face-to-face instruction and assessment for online and hybrid learning environments. This transition is made all the more complicated with the added layer of keeping academic integrity at the core of student learning.

To help navigate this unprecedented shift, we are pleased to introduce Turnitin Originality. When we set out to build Turnitin Originality in partnership with the academic community, we never could have predicted what 2020 would hold. We intended to create a tool that responds to current and forthcoming trends in academic integrity, a tool made even more relevant by today’s unique educational needs.

Turnitin Originality combines the similarity checking functionality you already know and trust with new features that help instructors address emerging academic integrity challenges and teach students the value of doing their best original work. While traditional text comparison tools can detect copy/paste plagiarism or student collusion, they do not address the full spectrum of potential integrity incidents. Now, every school and university can set new standards for academic integrity and give its students and instructors a unified solution to support those standards

When reviewing submissions, Turnitin Originality looks to determine whether the work is similar to other known text, depending on if it has indications that it was not authored by the student, and provides tools, reports, and insights that can be easily used across the organization. With Turnitin Originality, you can:

  • Discover similarity or manipulations of text when compared to Turnitin’s comprehensive collection of known sources
  • Analyze an assignment to establish authenticity, originality, and responsible scholarship
  • Support student growth and academic integrity with formative data and actionable insights

To learn more about Turnitin Originality, sign up for our upcoming webinar, Incorporating Integrity into Instructional Workflows: New Solutions for New Challenges. Turnitin Chief Product and Marketing Officer, Valerie Schreiner, will discuss the changing academic integrity landscape as well as Turnitin’s commitment to developing products that anticipate your needs, rise above basic similarity checking, and keep integrity at the core of the work you do.