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Popular Blogs About Remote Learning for Educators

Audrey Campbell
Audrey Campbell






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Whether you’ve returned to full, in-classroom teaching with adaptations or your school has embraced a remote or hybrid model for the semester, educators around the world are adjusting to a new normal. In that the new normal, there are new routines, new technology, and new ways of defining learning processes and success. And because remote instruction has affected the way students learn and teachers teach, instructors worldwide are reaching out to each other en masse for ideas, suggestions, and overall support.

Here at Turnitin, we have been working with our global education community to provide resources for remote instruction during these tumultuous times. From community building and instruction to technology and academic integrity, we have curated this list of popular Turnitin posts on remote learning to serve as an ongoing resource for you as you tackle the teaching challenges of 2020 - 2021.

Understanding the nuanced differences between remote and distance learning. We get it: there are a lot of terms and vocabulary associated with remote instruction, which doesn’t make your job as an instructor any easier. Check out this quick-and-easy list that defines key components of online learning environments.

Preparing for everything, then throwing in a camera. Before you even turn on your Zoom, check out these best practices for video classrooms. This blog walks you through the most important aspects of successful video conferencing from start to finish. Because the last thing you need is to be caught on camera, but not camera-ready.

Building and maintaining relationships remotely. No matter where you and your students are located, strong communication and steadfast connectedness will be essential in attaining learning success. Here are a few manageable and meaningful steps you can take to build and maintain strong student relationships remotely. And to lay the foundation for these relationships, it’s essential to cultivate a welcome and supportive space in which to learn. Take a look at ways educators can build community and create an inclusive space for transgender students.

Upholding academic integrity, especially in the digital classroom. Even if instruction, assignments, and assessments have moved online, academic integrity can and should be a top priority. In addition to updating honor codes for online learning environments, there are myriad actions an educator or administrator can take in order to prevent contract cheating and ultimately, uphold academic integrity in remote learning.

Addressing inequities whenever and wherever possible. In extraordinary amounts, we are seeing the hardships of imbalanced education systems. No matter how small, do your best to tenaciously battle inequities in your classroom, your school, and your community. Here are a few ways to address inequities in remote learning and here are a few more suggestions on how to bridge inequities with learning communities.

Finding ways to ensure assessment with integrity. The value of the paper assessment is not lost in a remote learning environment. And in addition to thoughtful exam design that mitigates academic dishonesty, instructors can also support students even earlier in the assessment process, whether it is combating test anxiety or learning proper citation and paraphrasing.

Differentiating to support student growth in person and online. Proactively meeting students where they are on their learning journey is the mark of a thoughtful educator, but differentiation may take a unique form in a remote learning environment. In Zoom rooms, you may find that your extroverted students may need significantly different support than your introverted students. Additionally, any students with learning differences may require extra encouragement and reinforcement in order to meet your course’s learning objectives.

Striving for academic excellence together, even while apart. Turnitin’s Teaching and Learning Innovations team, a group of former educators and administrators, crafted a comprehensive blog series entitled “Together While Apart” that addresses the spectrum of instructor challenges in an online learning environment. From classroom communication and instruction to assessment and overall wellbeing and self-care, this series of four blogs (and subsequent webinar) is worthwhile for all educators.

There are countless ways to approach instruction and learning this year and beyond. In addition to the above list of blogs selected for back-to-school and remote instruction, check out our Turnitin Resources Page for even more ways to support student learning success. And while the new normal may not feel normal for a while, take comfort in knowing that your global education community is in this together.