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"I want my home.”

"I want everyone to be safe.”

Ukrainians repeat these words on a daily basis. 

We have gone through all possible emotional states since the large-scale war began—from anxiety, to helplessness, to anger. We alternate between furiously scrolling through news feeds and silently crying as the latest reports come in. 

We never thought we would need a dedicated chat with our coworkers for daily wellness check-ins. We never thought we would need emergency kits for basic first-aid and supplies. We never thought we would be forced to leave our homes, but this is the world we have lived in for nearly 150 days. 

War has brought immeasurable horror and grief to our lives. In order to cope with that, our team has found some comfort in helping people in need.

Volunteering efforts gained significant traction in 2014, when Russia first unleashed war on our homeland, and continue to be some of our most powerful tools against violations of our territorial integrity.

Since February 24, 2022, we have seen large-scale growth in the number of volunteers and have joined some of these initiatives ourselves.* Below are just a few examples: 

  • Our colleagues have supported information troops in spreading news about what’s really going on in Ukraine - sharing how our peaceful cities have suddenly turned into bomb targets and how our people continue to suffer unfathomable atrocities.
  • With hospitals often falling victim to air strikes, our team donated to the national specialized children's hospital ‘Ohmatdyt’ of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.
  • The Ukrainian IT community launched web platforms to provide humanitarian aid and help locate safe shelters in Ukraine and abroad. 
  • As part of our ongoing commitment* to support Ukraine-based educational institutions, the Unicheck team announced the decision to provide similarity checking software for free until 2023.  

The list of programs and initiatives to support Ukraine goes on and on. What started as individual or small group efforts by Ukrainians to support and protect our homeland in any way we could, has expanded over the last three months. 

Today, most Ukrainians are engaged. Restaurant owners feed the civilians and the military. Fashion brands make bulletproof vests and other safety equipment. Those who own cars deliver food and medicine, or give their vehicles to Ukraine’s defense programs. 

It is due in large part to the joint efforts of our territorial defenses and brave civilians that we have been able to resist the hostile invasion of the northern regions, including the capital, for so long. 

Our best hope for a peaceful future lies with the unwavering strength of our people, and the continued support of Democratic countries from around the globe.

We’d like to thank you all for standing with Ukraine. Together we can protect our rights, our safety, and our freedom! 


Turnitin employees receive two days of volunteer leave annually to participate in programs and causes of their choosing, including initiatives that support Ukraine. In addition to employee support resources and corporate contributions, we remain committed to matching employee donations in Ukraine. 

Join us in supporting humanitarian relief and charitable organizations, including: