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As a leader in academic and research integrity, Turnitin is committed to helping our customers ensure the originality of written work. Our unparalleled database of scholarly publications is a key element in fulfilling that goal.

The industry’s largest and fastest-growing content database powers Turnitin’s software solutions. Featuring content from over 1,300 different publishers, the database includes over 600,000 books and 82 million articles, with 96% of the top 10,000 academic journals included therein.

Turnitin recognizes the importance of partnerships for further ensuring the success of our customers, which is why we are continually seeking new Content Partners in the publishing industry, in addition to fostering our existing relationships. 

Who are our Content Partners?

Turnitin’s Content Partners are publishers who contribute their content to the Turnitin database. Our relationships with Content Partners involve us working with publishers to expand our shared mission and goals of creating a more efficient and ethical academic environment.

Some of our current Content Partners include Springer, Wiley-Blackwell, Crossref, Oxford University Press, Elsevier, and Norton. Turnitin is proud to feature these highly influential publishers among our Partners. By adding their content to Turnitin’s database, not only do our Partners help protect educational institutions from academic dishonesty, but they also protect their own work and research from misuse.

The positive impact of Turnitin Content Partnerships

Turnitin offers a stack of software solutions that ensure the integrity of written work, from academic to professional environments. Our integrity products are used by educational and research institutions, organizations, and individuals to scan text content for similarity with existing sources. Users receive a simple-to-understand report, which makes it easy to identify text matches and respond to them accordingly. The comprehensive coverage of our content database makes checking for potential plagiarism accurate and thorough. 

Here are 3 ways Turnitin’s content database facilitates the originality of written work:

1. Integrity of global education

Turnitin is widely used for similarity checking throughout academia. Students can use our software to compare their writing to a vast array of content, allowing them to take charge of their academic integrity and improve their writing. Likewise, instructors can easily assess the originality of student submissions, avoiding the tedium and difficulty of manually screening against potential plagiarism. 

Turnitin academic integrity products are also an important part of the admissions process. With Turnitin solutions, admissions officers are able to verify the originality of application materials. This makes it easy to detect any instances of potential plagiarism, streamlining the admissions process and allowing staff to focus on choosing the most deserving applicants. 

By submitting their content to the Turnitin database, publishers receive the confidence of having their publications added to the integrity checking workflow of the world’s top academic institutions. 

2. Research integrity

The usage of Turnitin products is not limited to the classroom. iThenticate by Turnitin, the premier tool to support research integrity, allows researchers to ensure their manuscripts are free from unoriginal writing or citation mistakes. Researchers can be sure that their work won’t be flagged for plagiarism upon submission to their target journal. 

As our database is constantly expanding, Turnitin is able to make text similarity detection and citation management simpler and more effective for multiple facets of the research process.

3. Helping publishers protect their reputation

Publishers need to ensure what they publish is original and not plagiarized--accidentally or intentionally. Their reputation, quite simply, depends on this promise. 

On the publisher’s end, iThenticate makes it easy to detect any intellectual dishonesty. Should a paper submitted have significant text matching, iThenticate will immediately flag it and present the match for review. This allows publishers to analyze the match and deliberate upon the originality of new work quickly and easily.

If there is a case of genuine plagiarism or dishonesty, the publisher is able to avoid having to retract the paper later. On the other hand, if it is simply a mistake, the publisher can notify the submitter in order to protect their reputation and avoid false charges of plagiarism.

Become a Turnitin Content Partner

Are you interested in adding your library of publications to the Turnitin database? We are always looking to expand our content database in the interest of aiding educational institutions in their commitment to academic integrity and intellectual honesty. 

Contact us and learn how we can work together to promote integrity in education and research. 

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