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How Much Do You Know About Turnitin’s Content?

The Turnitin Difference

Christine Lee
Christine Lee
Content Manager






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Our unique offering at Turnitin is a content database against which all papers are checked for plagiarism. But do you know what’s in this content database? Here are some fun facts and figures.

So Much Happens in a Single Day

  • Our proprietary web crawler targets 68 million web pages a day
  • 15 million new web resources are added to our content database each day
  • In excess of 1 million student papers are uploaded daily

Ghosts of Content Past

  • Our content database contains 70 billion current and archived internet pages
  • Turnitin retains historical copies of all webpages it has crawled
  • 1 billion student papers are in our content database

Strength in Numbers

  • Our database contains over 47,000 journals and over 69 million articles and documents directly from top publishers
  • 91% of the top 10,000 cited journals are included in our database
  • Our database contains 200,000 US Law Reviews
  • We automatically exclude pages with inappropriate content

Partnerships Make the World Go Round

  • We have access to gated content available through our CrossRef partnership
  • 800 publishers in the Crossref network use iThenticate to screen and review submissions for potential plagiarism issues.
  • Our partnership with CORE provides access to the world’s largest open access repository aggregator (135 million open access records)

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