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Storing Digital Pictures and Files

From pictures to final papers, Dropbox helps you to keep your digital information stored, secure, and accessible. Dropbox is a cloud storage system that allows you to connect your computer and mobile devices and stores thousands of GB, depending on the plan you select. Your files are automatically synced across all of your devices and you can access your information whenever you want, from any device, even when you're offline. Plus, the klutzes among us won't have to worry about losing pictures or data if coffee is accidentally spilled on the keyboard because all of Dropbox's files are stored safely in the cloud.

Making Lists and Taking Names

Wunderlist is a marvelous tool for those who love a good To Do list. Professional and personal task lists can be shared with multiple people across all devices, plus you can set due dates and reminders for priority items. Collaboration is easy, which means your colleagues can instantly see updates on the project task list and your partner can see the last-minute grocery items added to your shared shopping list. Checking tasks off has never felt more satisfying.

Keeping Your Busy Life in Order

Google Calendar is a true lifesaver for those who run a tight schedule. With the ability to set reminders that will pop up on your cell phone, as well as the option to sync your calendar across platforms or create a collaborative calendar, Google provides the resources needed to stay on track. They also have a YouTube Channel and Calendar Help Center that will help you to become a master calendar manager.

Preparing for that Next Big Test

Whether you're a student or a teacher, Quizlet provides users dynamic tools for studying and learning. Stacks of 3x5 cards are a thing of the past: with Quizlet, educators can give their students learning materials in a more engaging, memorable way. Students can create their own study plan with flashcards, diagrams, games, and definitions. Learners from around the globe can then share their completed study sets, so individuals looking for help memorizing the National Parks or vocabulary on cell reproduction need not look any further.

For Everything In Between

Evernote allows you to collect your notes, checklists, tables, and attachments all in one place. You can organize the information in separate files, add audio recordings, and access your information from all of your devices. You can even work as a team with Evernote and accomplish more than you thought possible from brainstorming phase to finished product. Check out Evernote's recent blog post with suggestions on how to make 2018 Your Year to do Big Things.