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Emerging Trends in Academic Integrity: A free eBook from Turnitin

Audrey Campbell
Audrey Campbell






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Trends that threaten authentic learning and fair assessment continue to emerge.

From word spinners and online test banks to source-code plagiarism and contract cheating, these developments only hinder student growth and potentially stain the reputation of academic researchers and institutions. These trends are being seen worldwide and while they may be growing, there are effective ways to identify them and mitigate their impact.

Introducing “Emerging Trends in Academic Integrity,” a free, downloadable eBook from Turnitin. This set of resources will help you to recognize how these trends manifest in academic work and their impact on the integrity of a course, classroom, or institution. The eBook offers actionable tips on how to address these trends and in doing so, establish a culture of assessment and academic integrity where setbacks can be an opportunity for change.

Turnitin strives to help educators around the world to enhance and accurately assess student learning. Download our eBook below and take a meaningful step in mitigating the effect of these trends, all while keeping integrity at your core.