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A New Path and Purpose for Turnitin

Chris Caren
Chris Caren
Turnitin CEO






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More than 20 years ago, four University of California students built a peer-review application that helped students receive feedback from their classmates. In preparing work for peer review, they identified text similarities across student content and found a new challenge to tackle: ensuring the highest levels of integrity of written work. And thus, Turnitin was founded.

Since then, Turnitin has helped ensure integrity in writing for 40 million students at all educational levels in 15,000 institutions across 140 countries. The evolving needs of our global education community have always guided our company journey. Today we are hearing loud and clear from schools and universities— especially in this unprecedented time—that the need to uphold integrity expands far beyond writing disciplines, and we are answering the call.

Advancing integrity and outcomes for all students

Turnitin is expanding its purpose from a focus on integrity in writing to empowering students to do their best, original work across all subjects and assessment types. The education landscape underwent a massive shift in 2020. Schools and universities across the globe accelerated their remote learning capabilities due to the pandemic. Emerging challenges and opportunities for academic integrity and assessment—such as the need to adapt assignments, quizzes, and exams for remote delivery and redefining teacher-student connections in online and hybrid settings—came to the forefront of educators’ minds.

While education may never look quite the same, we now have a sense of the endless possibilities for when, where, and how learning happens, and we find that potential invigorating. In this new learning ecosystem, educators now more than ever want to be confident that their students are completing their own work, learning the skills taught in their courses, and earning their degrees and certificates. Our customers want to work with a trusted partner who understands that instructional and assessment workflows are not one-size-fits-all and require a flexible array of integrity and assessment options.

Turnitin’s vision for the future is to serve our customers with modern end-to-end assessment capabilities that help ensure fairness and integrity is the foundation of every assignment and assessment. We have already taken material steps towards this vision with the acquisitions of Gradescope and, more recently, ExamSoft. Together with our partners across the global education community, we will work to advance integrity and outcomes in education and ensure all students are prepared to succeed in work and in life.

Evolution of our brand identity

With this broader purpose comes the need to evolve our brand identity. Over the past year, we have reflected on our history, our current offerings, and our vision for the future. Today, we embark on a new chapter, and we will mark this next phase in Turnitin’s path forward with an updated color palette and refreshed logo—a nod to our legacy and a representation of our evolving journey.

This is a brand transformation. Over the coming months, you will gradually experience our new look and feel wherever you interact and engage with Turnitin, including this website.

Everyday, we strive to ensure integrity in global education and meaningfully improve learning outcomes. We believe our expanded purpose and transformed brand identity will help us to realize this mission for even more students, and we are excited to enter this new chapter with you.