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2019 Global Innovation Award Winners

Audrey Campbell
Audrey Campbell






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Another year has passed and the time has come again to celebrate our extraordinary Turnitin Global Innovators! With nearly 200 nominations from around the world, our panel of judges had a tough time making their decisions; so we first want to commend everyone who was nominated for their hard work and dedication to authentic learning.

Our 2019 winners have established themselves as outstanding in their fields, helping students to do their best, original work. From crafting individualized feedback for students throughout the writing process with Feedback Studio to ensuring the integrity of an institution’s work with the help of Turnitin Originality, these innovators and institutions are exceptional across the board. Their thoughtful practice and consistent implementation of learning tools have undoubtedly helped students to achieve their learning objectives.

This year’s overall winner is Dr. Joe Stevens, a Principal Lecturer and LLB Course Leader at Bloomsbury Institute, UK. Joe wholeheartedly embodies our definition of Global Innovator, someone who goes above and beyond in their pursuit of academic excellence. The nature of Joe’s work as a principal lecturer in law at Bloomsbury Institute, and his background as a former police officer, demonstrates his commitment to the values of integrity which transcend the immediate classroom, and are fundamental in ensuring that students wishing to enter the legal profession are fit to practice. Joe championed the potential of Turnitin Originality in aiding both the investigation of academic misconduct cases and developing academic integrity awareness:

“The implications for any law student found to have contract cheated are serious, and could be fatal for their fitness to practice if they wish to enter the legal professions; therefore for Bloomsbury Institute, being able to use Turnitin Originality to assist in the investigation of actual academic cases by offering evidence to either support or refute a case to satisfy an institutional integrity panel or hearing, is invaluable.”

Joe, alongside his fellow 2019 Global Innovators, is working to ensure that students and faculty alike have the resources and knowledge to craft their most authentic work. Be sure to check out Dr. Joe Steven’s story, as well as the other amazing honorees (listed below). Congratulations to all!


Stella Stefany, (on behalf of) Universitas Pelita Harapan, Indonesia


Dr. Lynn Gribble, University of New South Wales, Australia


Giga Khositashvili, Ilia State University, Georgia


Secondary Education

Sofía Fernández López, Preparatoria No. 2, Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León, Mexico

Higher Education

Cultura de la Originalidad Team, (on behalf of) Universidad Nacional Autónoma a Distancia, Colombia


Believe Bariledum Nwamae, Rivers State University, Nigeria


Secondary Education

Rachna Nath, Arizona College Prep, Erie Campus, United States

Higher Education

Dr. Amir S. Gohardani, Westcliff University, United States


Dr. Joe Stevens, Bloomsbury Institute, United Kingdom


Ms. Hasina Afroz, (on behalf of) Brac University, Bangladesh

Meet the Judges

And a big thanks to the previous Global Innovation Awards winners and honorable mentions who helped to review this year’s candidates.