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Princewill Odum
Lecturer in Remote Sensing & GIS & Turnitin Administrator, University of Calabar, Nigeria

Excellence in Academic Integrity Award 2016
Africa and the Middle East, Higher Ed

In 2014 the University of Calabar sought to establish a global quality standard for research work and theses, and in order to achieve this goal Lecturer Princewill began a tireless campaign to ensure that Turnitin was utilised by students in all graduate programmes, as he remarks:

“For our students, Turnitin is a gauge, a meter. They use it to check if their work is something to be proud of...That gives them good joy to know that their work is of an international standard.”

Princewill’s proactive and practical approach to training and awareness raising ensures that Turnitin is used as a starting point for wider discussions with students around academic integrity and scholarly writing conventions:

“In the discussion process, students are able to understand about proper citation. They are able to understand about paraphrasing. They are able to understand about quoting. They are able to understand things like common knowledge, intellectual property rights and all those things are brought to the fore practically... during the training session.”

Princewill has shared his experiences at international conferences outside of his native Africa and is currently exploring making the University of Calabar the first university in Nigeria to become a member of the International Center for Academic Integrity.

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