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Monica Morscheck
LIRC Coordinator & Teacher Librarian, Renaissance College, Hong Kong

At Renaissance College in Hong Kong, academic integrity is part of the ethos and culture. As a member of the College’s Academic Honesty Committee, Monica played an instrumental part in demonstrating this commitment when the college rewrote its ‘honesty policy’ last year. This effort aimed to embrace academic integrity and to help students grow in how they think about ethics and honesty.

“We’re building a mindset and a way of thinking, so they understand academic ethics the whole way through their academic journey.”

Monica also spends a lot of time working with the students developing their research skills. This includes knowing how to gather, organize, and manage information from bookmarking to note taking. She teaches her students to be respectful of the authors’ information they are using and attribute properly.

She has also spent time training colleagues on the benefits of using Turnitin as an overall feedback tool, rather than just a plagiarism prevention tool.

Monica says feedback to students is extremely important and truly believes that good feedback can have a major influence on students' academic growth. She explains that is part of the school's philosophy:

“There is a great emphasis on independence and self-evaluation through our feedback process.”

Monica was a Turnitin Global Award Honorable Mention in 2016