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Meet Tessa

Tessa is a 10th-grade student. She has submitted her essay “The Goliath of the Sea” through Turnitin Feedback Studio.

Tessa’s work is checked for similarity to content in Turnitin’s database. Highlighted text shows any matches. Tessa can also see her matches and ensure her writing is in her own voice before final submission to her teacher.

The overall similarity percentage shows how much of Tessa’s paper matches content in Turnitin’s internet, publications, and student paper databases. Click to explore individual sources.

Click anywhere on Tessa’s paper to leave a comment. Save your favorite comments to quickly reuse them later. You can also share saved comments with other teachers to use when providing feedback.

To leave voice or text feedback on Tessa’s whole paper, click on the summary comments icon.

Evaluate Tessa’s paper with a rubric, or assign a grade with a few clicks.

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