Feedback that Makes the Grade

How do students really feel about your feedback? In 2016, Turnitin surveyed 1,155 students to learn how they think about and use feedback, and what makes it truly effective.

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Students Want to Hear What You Have to Say!


of students believe that teacher feedback is “very” or “extremely important,” but they face challenges in receiving it and using it.

Challenge: Does Your Feedback Make Sense?


Of students surveyed do not use a large amount of feedback left on their work.


Encountered barriers to using and understanding feedback.

Challenge: Is Your Feedback Effective?


Actually prefer feedback that challenges them to think harder about a task.

Students report getting the most out of:

  • 83%

    Suggestions for improvement

  • 81%

    Specific and detailed feedback

  • 73%

    Using examples

Challenge: Is Your Feedback Timely?


Of students believe they do not receive feedback in time to improve their work.


Are “very” or “extremely” likely to use feedback if they receive it during the task or immediately thereafter.

Five Tips for Fantastic Feedback

  1. Connect feedback to assignment goals.

  2. Give suggestions and examples.

  3. Be specific and prioritize.

  4. Use clear and concise language.

  5. Be as timely as possible.

All stats: Turnitin. 2016. Turnitin Survey From Here to There: Students' Perceptions on Feedback Goals, Barriers, Effectiveness. Learn more: See the Full Study
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