Setting up your Turnitin classes is easy when you know how. In just four quick steps, learn more about Turnitin's class management tools and how to get your students started. At the end of this tutorial, you can put these simple steps into practice.

1. Create Your Password

You'll need your email address and last name to create your Turnitin account password and set your security information; this information can be found in your welcome email. You can then log into Turnitin and begin customizing your account.

2. Create a Class

The creation of a class is the first step towards using the Turnitin services available to your institution. A Turnitin class groups assignments, helping you to organize student submissions. Once your classes have been created, you can start creating assignments.

3. Create an Assignment

Once your class is ready, it's time to set up your first assignment. A Turnitin assignment forms the basis of accepting student submissions. Once your assignments are set up, you start adding students to your class.

4. Add Students

There are three routes available for adding students. You may find it convenient to add students one by one, or add a large portion of students at once by uploading a list. Alternatively, why not allow your students to enroll themselves at their own pace?

Ready to Start Using Turnitin?

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