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  • Live Event - Friday 13 July 2018 D2L Fusion 2018

    Turnitin is heading to D2L Fusion 2018 in the beautiful city of Houston! Join our team as we jump into in-depth sessions and discuss the topics in teaching and learning that matter to educators. We're also excited to network...

  • Story - Tuesday 31 October 2017 Croydon College, London

  • Lesson - Tuesday 21 June 2022 Argumentation with integrity: Lesson 1 presentation

    This student-facing presentation guides students through processes designed to aid them in choosing and refining a topic.

  • QuickMarks - Thursday 15 August 2019 Short Answer QuickMark Set (US English)

    Feedback set for short-answer writing on a topic.

  • Blog - Tuesday 9 June 2020 All Assessments Are Not Created Equal

    Choosing a balance of assessment formats that enable feedback loops and learning insights is not a light task. Let's examine different forms of assessment to help teachers make thoughtful decisions when it comes to how we evaluate our...

  • Blog - Wednesday 20 February 2019 Don't Put Your Institution's Reputation in Jeopardy

    Contract cheating calls in question the credibility of higher education qualifications. What is a degree at your institution worth if contract cheating is an issue, let alone a scandal?

  • Rubric - Thursday 15 August 2019 Short Answer Rubric (US English)

    Rubric for short-answer writing on a topic.

  • Blog - Thursday 13 July 2017 Strategies to Resist Plagiarism

    Student plagiarism is a challenging issue in education today. As educators, we have three options to choose from as we consider how to respond to the problem we and our students face.

  • Story - Wednesday 3 February 2016 Gregory Dean

  • Lesson - Tuesday 21 June 2022 Lesson 2 graphic organizer: What do I already know?

    This student-facing graphic organizer helps students narrow their position and support on their chosen topic.