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The most powerful form of feedback

Learn why “Where to next?” feedback has the greatest impact on student growth and how to implement it in the classroom in our whitepaper.

What is "Where to next?" feedback?

“Where to next?” feedback offers next steps on how to address an issue that’s relevant to the stated requirements of the assignment.

Example comment:

Issue Relevance Action

This section appears to be off-topic. Your essay needs to address the writing task. Reread the prompt question and stay focused on what the prompt asks you to accomplish.

To be most effective, “Where to next?” feedback should address the goal (“Where am I going?”) and progress towards the goal (“How am I going?”).

How do I provide “Where to next?” feedback?

Our whitepaper outlines best practices and helpful tips in providing “Where to next?” feedback. These guidelines, coupled with QuickMarks, rubrics, and other powerful features from Feedback Studio, make “Where to next?” feedback effective and easy to apply.

Dr. Kristin Van Gompel, a co-author of John Hattie’s research on “Where to next?” feedback and member of Turnitin’s professional and education services team, shares how educators can use Feedback Studio’s pre-loaded QuickMark comments to give “Where to next?” feedback.

Craft the most powerful feedback