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Challenges to academic integrity in 2023 are developing at pace. Two trends dominating the narrative are the continuing growth of contract cheating cases and the sharp rise of AI writing tools. Along with all these challenges, however, comes fresh opportunities. New ways to further support student development and make our systems and processes more robust to protect the integrity of education.

In this free webinar series we are excited to be joined by three expert educators in the field of academic integrity. As well as addressing the big questions relating to contract cheating, AI writing, ChatGPT and AI paraphrasing, we’ll also provide practical examples of how institutions are tackling these challenges on campuses today. 

Webinar 1: AI: Friend or Foe?

This event has now closed. 

Guest Speaker: Robin Crockett

In this webinar we'll hear from Robin Crockett on the usage, impact and consequences of AI writing tools. As well as providing advice on what academics should look out for to identify AI generated writing, Robin will also explore how AI writing tools actually work. This session will also touch upon Turnitin’s own use of AI, and our plans to support educational institutions with the challenge of maintaining academic integrity in this new environment.

Turnitin Facilitator: Glenn Thomas, UKI Territory Manager

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Webinar 2: Combating Contract Cheating On Campus

This event has now closed. 

Guest Speaker: Irene Glendinning

This webinar focuses on how Coventry University has implemented Turnitin's Authorship capabilities to investigate suspected cases of contract cheating. We will be guided by academic integrity expert Irene Glendinning, who will walk you through the process her team follows to protect program integrity at Coventry and share best practice on how you can achieve similar results on your campus.

Turnitin Facilitator: Deborah Horrocks, UKI Territory Manager

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Webinar 3: The Student View On Contract Cheating

This event has now closed.

Guest Speakers: Sandie Dann and Catherine Messinger

In 2022 Turnitin conducted a student survey asking about their attitudes to essay mills and contract cheating - it told us students felt under pressure, and even overwhelmed, when turning to third parties to complete work. In this webinar, we'll discuss how institutions can understand some of the pressures on students and help them to manage them. We are excited to be joined by Sandie Dann and Catherine Messinger, who will share approaches Loughborough University takes to support its students as well as best practice tactics that other educational institutions can use too.

Turnitin Facilitator: Ben Durie, UKI Territory Manager

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Meet Our Expert Speakers

Robin Crockett, Academic Integrity Lead, University of Northampton

Irene Glendinning BSc, PhD, FBCS, CITP, CEng, Academic Integrity Lead, Coventry University Group

Professor Sandie Dann, Chair of the Academic Misconduct Committee, Loughborough University

Turnitin & AI writing

Follow our progress on detection initiatives for AI writing, ChatGPT, and AI-paraphrasing

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