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Upholding Originality in Blended Learning

For this special three-part webinar and blog series, we've partnered with higher education integrity specialists who are actively managing the challenges of upholding academic integrity in a remote environment.

As the global education system looks to a more permanent future of blended learning, join us for practical advice from educators on how to effectively deter academic misconduct using the student voice, act on suspicions of contract cheating, and handle integrity panel hearings from a distance.

Meet the Educators

Robin Crockett

Dr. Robin Crockett is Reader in Data Analysis in the Faculty of Arts, Science & Technology at the University of Northampton. He is also their University Lead on Contract Cheating and mentors and trains colleagues on this topic. Robin is one of the co-founders of the Midlands Integrity Group.

Mark Sergeant

Dr. Mark Sergeant is a Senior Lecturer in Psychology at Nottingham Trent University (NTU). He is also the Academic Integrity Coordinator for both the Department of Psychology and School of Social Sciences at NTU and chairs the institutional group on Academic Integrity. Mark has been involved in over 500 academic integrity panels (chairing and presenting).

Sandie Dann

Prof. Sandie Dann is a Professor in Materials Chemistry at Loughborough University. She is also Chair of the university Academic Misconduct Committee since 2014 and works with the Student Union (LSU) to promote academic integrity and raise awareness of academic misconduct issues.

Kit Messinger

Kit Messinger is an Advice Development Consultant within Loughborough University's Student Union. Kit supports and advocates for students with matters relating to personal and academic misconduct, wellbeing difficulties, academic appeals and complaints. She consults with university colleagues to feedback on and inform student policy.

Episode 1: The Tell-Tales of Contract Cheating

Dr. Robin Crockett, University of Northampton

As contract cheating and commissioning become increasingly widespread and cheaper by the day, it's important that academic institutions respond and adjust their own procedures and practices. Lead on Contract Cheating at the University of Northampton, Dr. Robin Crockett will provide tips and advice to help educators proceed when they feel an assignment 'doesn’t look quite right'.

Episode 2: Conducting Online Misconduct Panels

Dr. Mark Sergeant, Nottingham Trent University

For the last few months, the traditional process for academic misconduct hearings has taken a back seat, and panels have been forced to move online. Having effectively leveraged technology, Academic Integrity Coordinator, Dr. Mark Sergeant, has successfully transitioned to online-only panels. Find out how the team have increased student attendance and engagement rates throughout this process.

Episode 3: Partnering with the Student Union to Promote Integrity

Sandie Dann and Kit Messinger, Loughborough University

We'll hear from Academic Misconduct Committee Chair, Sandie Dann, and Student Union Advice Development Consultant, Kit Messinger, as they describe how their unlikely partnership through on-campus and online student-focused campaigns has led to fewer students committing academic misconduct through ignorance and increased student engagement during misconduct allegations.