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This webinar series offers best practices for how educators — from instructors to administrators — use Turnitin Feedback Studio to drive student learning. Our customers and professional and educational services team share their insights, success stories, and supporting resources.

Upcoming Episodes

Building and Maintaining Strong Student Relationships Remotely

This session will feature a panel of educators from varying backgrounds and perspectives in secondary and higher education, discussing challenges and strategies for building and maintaining strong relationships remotely.

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Dr. Kristin Van Gompel

Senior Instructional Innovations Specialist, Turnitin

Kristin serves on the Teaching and Learning Innovations team at Turnitin where she offers expertise in curriculum, instructional resources, and educational technology product design. She is an experienced educator, with over fifteen years of experience in the field of education, and a doctoral degree in learning technologies. Kristin has a background teaching both secondary and higher education. Former roles include a focus on curriculum development, program development, instructional design, and professional learning. She is passionate about exploring effective, engaging learning experiences for students.

Dr. Paul Sparks

Director of Ed.D. of Learning Technologies, Pepperdine University

Dr. Sparks chairs the Learning Technologies Doctoral (EDLT) Program at Pepperdine. Previously, he led innovative training efforts with several Internet startups (Epoch Internet, RKG Interactive) and aerospace (Rockwell International, Allen Bradley). Paul started his educational career as a high school (Whittier) math and computer teacher and is a strong advocate for better virtual learning environments, social constructivism and caring.

Julie Brand

Secondary English Language Arts Instructor and Head of English Department, Lucaya International School

Julie holds a Master's degree in Educational Leadership and has over 15 years of experience working as a teacher, administrator, and trainer. During her professional career, she gained experience in a variety of school settings, roles, and at different levels: she worked for both private and public institutions in teaching and administrative roles at the Elementary, Middle, and High School levels. She facilitates various workshops for teachers including Educational Technology in ELA classrooms, Collaborative Curriculum Development, and Inquiry Based Planning and Teaching. She's passionate about exploring creative curriculum design, innovative instructional strategies, and advances in both literary and linguistic theory.

Sidney Hankerson

Head of Science Department, Montgomery County Public Schools

Sidney is currently the Science Resource Teacher for Rockville High School in Montgomery County, MD. This fall, he will begin his 19th year as an educator. Sidney has served in different educational leadership positions over the past 15 years: Dean of Students, Assistant Principal, Principal.

All Episodes

Unlocking the Power of Administrator Stats

  • Overview of Feedback Studio Admin Role [starts at 4:45]
  • Admin’s First Steps [starts at 6:54]
  • Admin Stats [starts at 7:50 & 20:23]
  • Resources and Support [starts at 16:59]

Maximizing Formative Learning Opportunities

  • Overview of Formative Assessment [starts at 6:03]
  • Effective Formative Feedback [starts at 17:02]
  • Using Feedback Studio as a Formative Learning Tool [starts at 32:41]
  • Key Takeaways [starts at 49:56]