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Thanks for Joining Us at Bett UK 2022!

Will we see you next year?

The Global Meeting Place for Education Buyers

The Turnitin team was pleased to finally reconnect in-person with the education community at Bett 2022! On 23 - 25 March, we travelled to London to discuss how we're helping institutions around the globe to adapt to the new hybrid landscape, while keeping integrity at the core of every assignment and assessment.

Bett Awards 2022 Finalist for Assessment

The Bett Awards announced Gradescope by Turnitin as a 2022 Finalist for Assessment, Planning & Progress Monitoring. This is Turnitin’s second honour at the Bett Awards, being previously honoured in 2020 as a Higher Education or Further Education Digital Services Finalist.

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Did You Miss a Lightning Session?

Throughout the event, we hosted 15-minute quick-fire sessions on how to create a culture of academic integrity, reduce plagiarism, assess more effectively, and create meaningful feedback loops using Turnitin products.

Did you miss out? If you'd like to learn more about the content shared in our sessions, or hear about any of our solutions, let us know!

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Deliver and Mark Your Assessments Anywhere

Used by over 110,000 instructors around the world, Gradescope helps educators digitally collect, organise, and store student work. Gradescope streamlines marking workflows for paper-based exams and assignments, online homework, and programming projects, and helps educators identify student and class trends with robust statistics and dashboards.

Find out how higher education instutions in the UK are using Gradescope:

Customer Story

University of Leeds Widely Adopts Gradescope for Online...

Leeds chose Gradescope by Turnitin as part of their digital...

Case Study

Gradescope Ensures Efficient Marking After Abrupt Shift...

Dr. Alison Voice was one of the first academics at the University of Leeds to discover Gradescope; however, it was...

Customer Story

Gradescope Reinvents Assessment for Remote Learning

John Hemingway, CIO at Durham University, describes how Gradescope reinvented assessment for remote learning for...


A Year in Review: Using Gradescope to Rethink Assessment...

Catch up on our chat with Associate Professor and Digital Education Lead,...

Uphold Academic Integrity with Turnitin

Academic integrity is absolutely essential to the foundations of our educational system. It helps to protect the academic reputation of institutions and aims to establish competent and capable global citizens. It strengthens marking practices because it applies the same expectations across levels and subject areas in creating original work.

Find out how Turnitin can help you uphold academic integrity at your institution:


The Plagiarism Spectrum

The Plagiarism Spectrum identifies 10 types of plagiarism based on findings from a worldwide survey of nearly 900...


Turnitin Draft Coach

Cultivate student writing and research skills with Draft Coach's real-time feedback while students write in Google...


Microsoft Teams and Turnitin Similarity

Turnitin has partnered with Microsoft to offer our anti-plagiarism solution for assignments in Microsoft Teams....