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Australian Higher Education

You need to talk about academic integrity. It's not something to be hidden...It's also about teaching people about judgement skills and the impact of cheating on their personal integrity."

Ann Rogerson Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Business, University of Wollongong, Australia

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Deakin is proud to partner with Turnitin to continue to foster academic honesty and fairness across all members of the academic community."

Deakin University, Australia

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The principal issue for my students is using literature appropriately in a way that expresses their own unique academic voice."

Michelle Picard Senior Lecturer, Associate Head Learning and Teaching , University of Adelaide, Australia

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At Masters level we are aiming for our students to develop high levels of skill in synthesising information from a diverse range of sources. Academic integrity is critical to this endeavour."

Janaki Amin Programme Director, Macquarie University, Australia

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I just found that the students didn't quite understand exactly what plagiarism was and so they were very, very worried."

Melanie Sullivan-Gunn Lecturer, College of Health and Biomedicine, Victoria University, Australia

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As an academic who provides support to academics, I often use Turnitin as a platform for discussing a shift from seeing breaches of academic integrity as requiring an educative rather than punitive response for students in transition."

Kathie Ardzejewska Manager of the Learning & Teaching Office , University of Notre Dame, Australia

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Regardless of the type of student, whether they are undergrad or postgrad, and whether they are local or international, feedback is a critical building block for their learning, the consolidation of learning, and an extension of their learning."

Tania Bucic Associate Professor & Deputy Head of School of Marketing, University of New South Wales

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Turnitin has enabled me to give very focused feedback for each and every student. Combining that with a very thorough rubric gives them a really good sense of which areas they need to improve on."

Ben Crockett Senior Lecturer (Industry Fellow), RMIT University, Australia

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Using Turnitin provides students with the opportunity to submit their papers to Turnitin well in advance of the assignment due date...this really helps with time management and planning which are wonderful additions to their skill set."

Alyson Waterson Lead Business Analyst, La Trobe University, Australia

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Australian TAFE

I think of Turnitin in real terms, that the staff have the ability to assist students with all of the ...., fundamentals of academic writing, referencing, proper acknowledgement and then developing academic skills as they actually learn."

Gregory Dean Lead Coordinator, Associate Degree of Accounting, TAFE NSW Higher Education, Australia

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Feedback needs to be fast, efficient and received as soon as possible to make it relevant to the student."

Karen Hong Nurse Educator, TAFE Queensland, Australia

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Australian Private Providers

It's a partnership, if you like, between myself, my tutors and Turnitin. It makes an enormous difference to students when they can work on the hardest aspect of the assignment and turn their research content into words they can express."

Martin Soden Course Coordinator, Griffith College, Australia

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Assessing and communication, I would say, are the most important things that Turnitin has done for us. It makes it clear if a student is doing a good job."

Bobby Nourani LMS Admin, Asia Pacific International College, Australia

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An outstanding product that is making a valuable difference.

Amy Emanuel Director of Online Learning , Christian Heritage College, Australia

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New Zealand

We start right on day one explaining this to our students... That the way you are perceived as a student will be the way you're perceived as a health professional... It goes hand in glove, academic integrity with professionalism."

Fiona Hermann Principal Academic Staff Member, Waikato Institute of Technology (Wintec) NZ

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Hong Kong

Our duty as educators should first be to train students how to become better writers. Using Turnitin as an instructional tool, allows me to identify areas students are having problems with and create a teachable moment."

Marc LeBane Senior Lecturer/ELSS Coordinator, Lingnan University, Hong Kong

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It's a learning process, ..... Academic integrity doesn't manifest all at once.

Dr Erwin Martinez Faller Management and Science University, Malaysia

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"I have been using the online grading tools to provide students with feedback on their written work, to allow them to "exercise their voice" more fully"

Ng Siew Hua Senior Lecturer in Education, HELP University Malaysia

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