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Safeguard academic integrity

Combine cutting edge tools with curricular resources to deter plagiarism, teach the value of authentic writing, and protect your institution's reputation.

Save time on grading and feedback

Empower instructors with commenting and grading tools that make the feedback process faster, easier, and more consistent.

Measure student success at scale

Track and analyze student progress to inform instruction and support strategic initiatives throughout your institution.

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Not your average plagiarism checker

The world’s most comprehensive collection of internet, academic, and student paper content ensures reliable results when checking student work for text similarity.

Why limit personal interactions to the classroom?

Drag-and-drop QuickMarks, text and voice comments, and automatic grammar checking provide personalized and actionable feedback to students.

Don't let grading fatigue get you down

Pre-defined or custom rubrics help instructors consistently evaluate student work and easily connect grading criteria to in-line feedback.

Proven Results

Feedback Studio is used by 34 million students and 15,000 institutions worldwide, including 80 of the top 100 universities globally.

Users report 50% decrease in plagiarism*

Instructors report 38% reduction in time spent grading**

Integrated into Your Ecosystem

Access Feedback Studio through integrations with your Learning Management System, single sign-on partners, and collaboration tools.

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Get the most out of Turnitin Feedback Studio to support students and teachers. Download resources, join live webinars and get practical tips to enhance student learning.

Feedback Studio Prepares Students for Higher Education Writing

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Using Turnitin Feedback Studio to Support Remote Learning

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Going Beyond "Good Job": 4 Ways to Rethink Student Feedback

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*Turnitin. (2018). The Effectiveness of Turnitin Feedback Studio. This analysis tracked the average similarity scores of thousands of students across the first five papers they submitted to Turnitin Feedback Studio, and focused on those whose first paper revealed a similarity score of 51% or higher. Higher Education students' average scores within this group dropped from 74.4% on the first submission to 33.9% on the second. Secondary students saw a 50.5 point drop, from 75.4% to 24.9%.

**Turnitin. (2016). Data from survey of over 9,400 instructors on their use of Turnitin Feedback Studio for online grading purposes.