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Our community of educators and learners

These are unprecedented times for our global community. As we learn to live, work, and learn in new ways on a daily basis, Turnitin is here for you. This page features a robust, curated collection of downloadable resources, blogs, and videos to help navigate instructional shifts in secondary and higher education.

Wondering how to enhance your Turnitin Feedback Studio experience?

Turnitin Feedback Studio VidBITs

Our pedagogy and product experts here at Turnitin have partnered to make VidBITs (Video Best Instructional Tips) that will make in-person and online teaching with Feedback Studio even easier. These quick, 2-3 minute clips highlight essential features, effective shortcuts, and helpful feedback tools. Watch to review a useful best practice or to uplevel your Feedback Studio usage.

See All VidBITs

Remote Instruction for Auditory Learners

Best practices for engaging auditory learners remotely.


Peer Review in Remote Learning Environments

Best practices for implementing peer review activities remotely.


Best Practices for Remote Learning

Research-based strategies for engaging learners remotely.


How to Use Voice Comments

Hints, tips, and where to click when using Voice Comments in Feedback Studio.


How to Use PeerMark

Hints, tips, and where to click when using PeerMark in Feedback Studio.


How to Use the Calendar

Hints, tips, and where to click when using the Class Calendar in Feedback Studio.

Searching for resources that
amplify instruction?

Instructional resources to support remote learning

Our library of free downloadables include resources that are ready-to-use for every level of learner. From rubrics and QuickMark sets that seamlessly plug into Feedback Studio assignments to lesson seeds that can easily be incorporated throughout the semester, these resources support student learning outcomes in-person and online. Check out our highlighted resources below or visit our Resources Page to browse our full collection.


10 activities to practice DBQs and historical analysis...

This guide presents remote learning opportunities for historical analysis writing.


10 activities using short responses to target writing...

This guide presents remote learning activities for using short answer responses to target writing instruction.


10 Activities to Practice Writing in the STEM Classroom...

This guide presents remote learning activities for practicing writing in the STEM classroom.


Academic integrity lesson seeds (remote)

This guide presents remote learning activities for practicing academic integrity in the classroom.


Academic Integrity Meets Digital Literacy

Turnitin partners with NewsGuard to offer free access to app evaluating the credibility of online news sources.

Eager for more tips, tricks, and
educational best practices?

Blogs for students, educators, and administrators

Skim our selected list of posts relevant to COVID-19 instructional changes. Then, check out our main Turnitin Blog for even more information and thought leadership from and for our global learning community.


Supporting the Turnitin Community During the COVID-19...

Learn more about how we’ve proactively fortified our teams to work on additional resources and increased...


What Now? Core Principles to Enhance Unexpected Remote...

Four basic pedagogical principles that can help to guide educators as they navigate the rapidly evolving landscape...


Best Practices For Video Classrooms During COVID-19

Classes meeting on video conferencing platforms are a great option during COVID-19, but come with their own...


How to Uphold Academic Integrity in Remote Learning

We are in an unprecedented situation, and educators everywhere are encountering myriad and valid concerns in the...


Together While Apart: Classroom Communication

Of the many shifts in instructional delivery, one of the most dramatic will be the methods by which educators...

Ready for an informative webinar?

Webinars and virtual events

Find a selection of our relevant, recorded webinars below, ready to watch at any time. You can also register for upcoming Turnitin virtual events that support different forms of learning and assessment.


Maximize Formative Learning Opportunities with Turnitin...

At Turnitin, we believe delivering timely, formative feedback throughout the writing process can transform...


Interpreting the Turnitin Similarity Report

Are you looking to better understand the Turnitin Similarity Report? Join us as we discuss how to quickly...