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Academic Integrity Meets Digital Literacy

Get resources to make the most out of NewsGuard

Exceptional solutions for exceptional times

While Turnitin is no longer offering free access to NewsGuard, explore resources below for teaching source credibility and introducing NewsGuard to your students.

Navigate 21st-century news with 21st-century skills

Imbue your work with integrity right from the source

In the wake of fake news and websites, everyone deserves to understand the legitimacy of journalistic sources. And as we transition to more remote learning, it’s especially crucial to have the media literacy skills and tools to determine the reliability of sources. Turnitin’s partnership with NewsGuard enables everyone to assess information critically.


Evaluating the Credibility of Sources in the Age of COVID-19

How Turnitin's partnership with NewsGuard helps to develop digital citizens who produce research and writing with...

Resource Pack

Source Credibility Pack

An essential 21st-century skill is the ability to sort through and evaluate information critically in order to...


What Is Real? Teaching Students How to Evaluate the...

NewsGuard is an independent service that provides essential information about online sources of news and information. Run by journalists, NewsGuard provides “Nutrition Label” reviews and credible rating scores for digital news sources that make up over 90% of online activity.

Get a jumpstart

With NewsGuard, students and instructors, writers and researchers can confidently discern the legitimacy of digital news and information, using only the sources best suited for their needs. Check out the resources below to start using NewsGuard today.

About NewsGuard

A one-page infographic guide to NewsGuard

Lesson Plan

NewsGuard Lesson Plan on COVID-19 “Infodemic”

Teacher resource packet from NewsGuard for a media literacy lesson through the lens of COVID-19 misinformation.

Alignment Guides

Turnitin Source Credibility/NewsGuard Lesson Alignment

Alignment guides that integrate NewsGuard’s lesson plans on the COVID-19 infodemic & Turnitin’s Source Credibility...


NewsGuard Implementation Guide for School Admins

Overview from NewsGuard about various options for installation and roll out depending on how devices are...


NewsGuard Installation Guide for IT Admins

Packet from NewsGuard for school admins or IT heads for installation on multiple devices simultaneously.


Best Practices for Educators about Using NewsGuard

Summary of best practices from NewsGuard about how to incorporate it into the classroom.


Student Guide for Using NewsGuard

Packet from NewsGuard for students explaining how to use its extension and interpret its ratings, reviews, and...


Complete Collection of NewsGuard Resources

Get resources, from live virtual trainings, flyers to worksheets and more, to support your roll out of...

Become a source credibility expert

A deeper understanding of how to better analyze
online sources is just a webinar away

Watch our joint webinar with NewsGuard on source credibility and gain valuable insights into how to ensure the integrity of student work. Be sure to focus on 2:52-15:36 and 40:16-42:44 about the importance of source credibility and an introduction to NewsGuard, as well as 27:37-38:44 for details on our classroom-ready source credibility pack.

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