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Find the recordings of each Summit session below.



Welcome and Introduction

Our Regional Vice President introduces the Summit and gives an exclusive look at the findings of a survey with 1500 students across the EMEA region.

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Aaron Yaverski
Regional Vice President, EMEA, Turnitin

Keynote: Digital assessment in an in-person environment

Institutions have adopted new assessment technologies to help them through the pandemic, as well as with their longer term digital goals.

Gradescope has been a key tool adopted by many institutions to modernise their assessment processes. In this session you will learn more about how Gradescope is the right tool to help your organisation supercharge your assessment and hear first hand from King's College London. Having initially adopted Gradescope in 2021 to deliver remote assessments they saw huge time saving benefits compared to traditional methods. Like many institutions, they are moving back to in-person assessment and will share how they are making that a success without losing any of the benefits of a digital approach.

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Aggie Molnar
Digital Education Manager, Kings College London
Garrett Benson
Technology Enhanced Learning Manager, King's College London
Jamie Whitehead
Customer Growth Manager, Gradescope

Panel Discussion: Enhancing the Student Experience - an academic and a student view

Whether your first thought is for academic integrity or for academic outcomes, technology has a huge role to play. It can change the way in which teachers and students interact, change the way feedback is given and support the development of academic skills and techniques.

In this session, we will discuss:

  • First-hand experiences from both sides of the conversation
  • Highlight how you can enhance the student experience while ensuring academic integrity
  • The academic’s view on providing feedback to improve academic writing
  • The student’s view on academic misconduct in a changing world
Watch Recording
Dr Mehmet Orkun Canbay
Lecturer of English and Chair of Academic Excellence and Professional Development, Qatar University
Sandra F Gomes
PhD Candidate, University of Porto
Krista Somers
Senior Manager, Sales, Turnitin

Keynote: Turnitin’s customer-driven product roadmap

Turnitin is listening to the needs of our community of educators, who are facing pressures to re-engage, educate, and support students as they re-enter the classroom, post pandemic. We’re also actively responding to shifts in assessment practices and emerging forms of academic misconduct such as contract cheating, use of AI paraphrasing tools, and AI writing.

During this session, Annie Chechitelli, Chief Product Officer, will unveil the latest customer research on use of our solutions and provide a high-level walkthrough of our roadmap in response to the insights. Hear about how we’re delivering on formative assessment, the Similarity Report as a teaching tool, broadened assignment types, and more in this walkthrough of our product strategy and roadmap designed to meet your evolving needs.

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Annie Chechitelli
Chief Product Officer, Turnitin

Interview: The UK’s Contract Cheating Legislation - lessons and reflections six months on

On 28 April 2022, the UK government passed a law to make it illegal to provide or advertise contract cheating services. A little over six months later, we will reflect on the impact the new legislation has had on discussions of academic integrity, and consider whether such a high profile intervention is supporting improved student outcomes.

In this session, we will:

  • Discuss the effectiveness of the new legislation
  • Look at how legislation fits alongside efforts to improve understanding of academic integrity and support rather than punish students
  • Consider next steps for the UK, and for the broader conversation on contract cheating
  • Look at lessons which can be learned from the UK’s experience and approach
Watch Recording
Professor Michael Draper
DPVC Education, Swansea University
Arlen Pettitt
Marketing Communications Specialist, Turnitin

Practical Session: Supercharge Your Assessment

Gradescope is the paper-to-digital and online grading platform that helps leading institutions optimise grading workflows for a range of assessments, both online and in person.

In this practical session you will learn how to go from paper to digital with Gradescope for in-person assessments. We will show you how to utilise templated assignments and grade with lightning speed with AI assisted grading. We’ll show you how to use bubble sheets to autograde multiple choice questions. You’ll also see how to give detailed feedback using dynamic rubrics and gain insight into student outcomes with Gradescope analytics.

Watch Recording
Jason Gibson
Senior Professional and Educational Services Consultant, Turnitin

Interview: Embedding Inclusive Practice - improving your academic integrity policies

Policies are only useful if they are put into practice, which means they need to be as understandable and as accessible as possible.

Frequently, students experience difficulty in both locating and understanding academic integrity policies, especially students with disabilities and those from widening participation or international backgrounds.

In this session, we will discuss:

  • The importance of improving inclusivity in academic integrity policies
  • How to recognise problems in terms of the inclusivity of your academic integrity policies
  • How improvements to inclusive practice can lead to better student outcomes
  • How to approach improving inclusive practice in academic integrity policies
Watch Recording
Dr Mary Davis
Academic Integrity Lead, Oxford Brookes University
Gill Rowell
Advocacy and Thought Leadership Specialist, Turnitin

Interview: Going beyond paper - crucial benefits of digital student workflows

Digitisation benefits both teachers and students. For the institution, it can save time and money while increasing consistency and fairness and supporting academic integrity. For students it can create a more simple process for submission and receiving feedback. It's also important to remember many of today's students grew up in a digital world, and for them digital processes are the norm.

In this session Giga Khositashvili will explain how Ilia State University in Georgia how they transitioned from traditional to digital approach, what benefits they've seen, and discuss what comes next.

Watch Recording
Giga Khositashvili
Deputy Director of the Library, Ilia State University
Katya Levchenko
Senior Manager, Sales, Turnitin

Parallel Session: Delivering digitisation - two institutions share their experience


This session will feature two presentations from leading voices on digital education and digitisation of studies.

Dr Duncan Priestley will focus on Nazabayev University's approach to quality assurance and enhancement, academic integrity and development of quality indicators in online and blended education.

Prof Ing Jiří Remeš will discuss the digitisation of Czech University of Life Sciences Prague's university environment, educational activities and administrative processes.

Watch Recording
Dr Duncan Priestley
General Director of Institutional Effectiveness, Nazarbayev University
Prof Ing Jiří Remeš PhD
Vice-Rector for Education, Czech University of Life Sciences Prague
Olena Dontsova
New Business Manager, Turnitin

Parallel Session: Sharing Best Practice - using Turnitin to support students while upholding academic integrity


Academic integrity and good student outcomes are closely connected, and technology can help with both through promoting good academic writing. But how can you engage and support students using solutions like Turnitin's?

In this session Associate Professor Dr Salim Razi, Director, Center for Academic Integrity, Canakkale Onsekiz Mart University, Turkey will explain how to rasie awareness of academic integrity with students, how to talk to them about Turnitin, and share good practice from his experience.

Watch Recording
Dr Salim Razi
Director, Center for Academic Integrity, Canakkale Onsekiz Mart University
Yasemin Arşın
Training and Implementation Consultant, Turnitin

Parallel Session: What is academy integrity and why should it matter (and to whom)?


Engaging students in the pursuit of academic integrity

In this session, you'll hear what academic integrity means at German institutions and how teachers and students are engaged in tackling academic misconduct and promoting integrity.

Watch Recording
Dr Martin Nissen
Head of Reader Services, Heidelberg University Library
Iain Barnfather
Senior Business Development Manager, Turnitin
Melvin Spinnler
Senior Account Development Manager, Turnitin

Practical Session

The building blocks of academic integrity policies

Watch Recording
Pamela Atzori
Senior Professional and Educational Services Consultant, Turnitin

Parallel Session: A case study - how Reykjavik University embraced Gradescope


This session will present a case study of how Gradescope has been used with Reykjavik University's computer science courses, including the use of multiple markers and autograding, as well as discussing what assessment in general looks like in Iceland.

Watch Recording
Henning Arnór Úlfarsson
Assistant Professor Computer Sciences, Reykjavik University
Dennis van Bart
Senior Account Manager, Turnitin

Parallel Session: Inspiring Student Success within UK & Ireland Colleges


In this session, you'll hear about:

  • Challenges colleges face when it comes to safeguarding academic integrity
  • Strategies and best practices to encourage a culture of academic integrity and honesty
  • Experiences of contract cheating, academic misconduct and consequences
  • Benefits of quality feedback and formative learning tools for empowering students
  • Supporting students in taking ownership of their learning journey to inspire student success

Watch Recording
Rob Wraith
Head of Learning Technology and Digital Learning, NCG
Leanne Dobbs
Programme Lead and Senior Tutor, Chevron College
Noreen Sarwar
Vice Principal, Apex College
Jeannette Camilleri
Account Development Manager, Turnitin

Parallel Session: Law of university coexistence and academic integrity


During this session we will talk about the implications of the new university coexistence law and how two Spanish universities are working to adapt their policies to the new law.

Watch Recording
María Isabel Domínguez Aroca
Deputy Director of Coordination and Logistics, Universidad de Alcalá
Dr Rubén Comas Forgas
Associate Professor, Department of Applied Pedagogy and Educational Psychology, University of the Balearic Islands
Lluis Val
Senior New Business Manager, Turnitin

Keynote: Inside Turnitin’s Process - Using Technology and Student Connection to Curb the Evolution of Academic Misconduct

Education continues to grapple with the challenges of academic misconduct. For students the lines between help and harm get blurrier as the internet directs them to websites offering everything from click-and-fix grammar checking to paragraph spinning and AI-written essays.

In this session, we’ll take a deep look at how Turnitin’s technology can help educators gain awareness of potential issues and how to engage with students, instructors, and families to make academic integrity a fundamental part of the learning experience. You’ll learn more about how Turnitin identifies potential plagiarism, contract cheating, synonym swapping and how you can add your voice to the community of practice addressing these challenging problems.

Watch Recording
Gretchen Hanson
Director, Product Marketing, Turnitin