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Deliver Impactful Feedback Faster

With Turnitin Feedback Studio, check for text similarity and provide feedback to support original thinking and authentic writing.

Not your average plagiarism checker

The world’s most comprehensive collection of internet, academic, and student paper content ensures reliable results when checking student work for text similarity.

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Don't let grading fatigue get you down

Pre-defined or custom rubrics help instructors consistently evaluate student work and easily connect grading criteria to in-line feedback.

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Why limit personal interactions to the classroom?

Drag-and-drop QuickMarks, text and voice comments, and automatic grammar checking provide personalized and actionable feedback to students.

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Introducing Turnitin Draft Coach

Classroom Resources

Source Credibility Pack

Source Credibility Pack

An essential 21st-century skill is the ability to sort through and evaluate information critically in order to...

Paraphrasing Pack

Paraphrasing Pack

The Paraphrasing Pack consists of resources that are ready to be implemented in the 6th - 12th-grade classroom.

Fresh Inspiration Weekly

We're always adding new content to our website to help you discover new ways to improve your practice. Here are some popular posts to spark ideas:

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Success Stories

Meet past winners of Turnitin's annual Global Innovation Awards.

Rachna Nath Arizona College Prep, Erie Campus, US
North America

In her science courses, Rachna Nath uses PeerMark to teach students how to grade and give feedback to their peers and ensures originality with Turnitin similarity checking features...

Meet Rachna

Andrea Arnold Caldwell High School, Idaho
North America

As a high school English teacher at Caldwell High School, Andrea Arnold has a uniquely profound understanding of the value of originality in writing.

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Scott Rosenkranz Sunny Hills High School, California
North America

Scott Rosenkranz is a nationally board-certified and highly respected teacher-leader, but that’s not why his students like and learn from him. They feel acknowledged because he’s been able to create an equitable, engaging learning environment, where they’re supported to grow as writers and learners.

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Lisa Wathen Nicolet High School, Wisconsin
North America

Turnitin Feedback Studio gives Lisa and her students a common language to discuss writing, helping them grow and improve.

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Marye Smith Hampton High School, Georgia
North America

Marye has helped to instill an understanding among her students that writing is not just an academic exercise, but an important life skill.


Meet Marye

Obehi Uadiale Hampton High School, Georgia
North America

According to Obehi, Dr. Smith’s class pushed her to a new level, making her both better at citing and a better writer all around.

Get to know Obehi

Cross-Curricular Innovation


20 Years of Proven Results, 20 Years of Turnitin Research

What are researchers saying about Turnitin’s efficacy in reducing plagiarism and supporting student learning?...


Disrupting Plagiarism: Empowering Students in the...

Draft Coach at Corona-Norco Unified School District

See how Draft Coach is used at Corona-Norco Unified School District.

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