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1. Follow @Turnitin and win on Twitter!
ISTE is all about PD and finding the latest teaching strategies, but it's also a great place to connect with others and have a little fun. Follow @Turnitin on Twitter and the #ISTE17 hashtag for a chance to win giveaways or stop by our Booth 1064 at any time and spin to win. Not attending ISTE? Don't worry! You can follow @Turnitin on Twitter and win Turnitin prizes from wherever you are.

2. Schedule an on-demand demo.
ISTE is the place to discover new edtech tools and for watching innovative how-tos from product experts. Save time and bypass the line by scheduling an on-demand demo with Turnitin. Whether you're new to Turnitin or you're a writing with integrity expert, we have a comprehensive writing solution that will address the specific needs of your classroom.

3. Attend a Turnitin lightning session.
With so many great sessions and so little time, the last thing you need is another long booth presentation (yawn). Attend a quick lightning session hosted by teachers like you and Turnitin trainers. Our sessions run multiple times throughout the conference (see below), so the perfect session for your schedule is never out of reach. Quickly grab our tips and tricks to look like a writing instruction rock star and take them home with you.

We can't wait to see you in San Antonio!
June 25-28
Exhibit Hall: Booth 1064

Turnitin's Lightning Sessions

Monday, June 26 - 9:50a - 10:10a
Tuesday, June 27 - 1:50p - 2:10p

Implementing digital tools to enhance writing instruction can bring significant benefits to students' writing skills and test scores (if done right!). In this session, I will cover some of the most common pain points of writing instruction and offer ways to address them with the help of Turnitin's comprehensive writing solution.

Righting the Writing Assessment Ship: How a Coach Used Technology
Sarah Cruz, Instructional Coach, ELA 6-12, Covina-Valley USD

Monday, June 26 - 10:40a - 11:00a
Tuesday, June 27 - 2:20p - 2:40p
Wednesday, June 28 - 9:50a - 10:10a

Has your Writing Assessment system capsized? Or maybe it has never even left the harbor. It is time to right the writing assessment ship! In this session, I will share my story of how ELA departments in all our middle and high schools district-wide worked collaboratively to create a sustainable system of measuring student achievement in writing.

The 3 A's of Writing: Accountability, Achievement, and Academic Integrity
Sheryl Colaur, Southwest Account Executive, Turnitin

Monday, June 26 - 11:20a - 11:40a
Tuesday, June 27 - 9:50a - 10:10a

Turnitin is a newly-adopted resource that integrates with BLEND and provides a variety of capabilities to benefit student learning. Are students writing in your class? In this session, I'll share statistics around the importance of written communication in college and careers, research around best practices to improve literacy and strategies for delivering high-quality formative feedback to students in less time.

Teach Like a Boss: Using Turnitin to Transform Your Classroom and Take Back Your Life
Dr. Natashia Hill, ELA 9-12. Early College, Blended Learning

Monday, June 26 - 1:20p - 1:40p
Tuesday, June 27 - 10:40a - 11:00a
Wednesday, June 28 - 10:40a - 11:00a

Looking to achieve a better work-life balance without sacrificing the quality of your feedback and classroom instruction? Say hello, to more "me time" with the use of Revision Assistant! In the session, I will share my story and show you how paper chasing and bursting tote bags is now a thing of the past. Let me help you regain work-life balance as an ELA teacher!

Understanding the "Why"- Student Data in Action
Giselle Kerth, Customer Success Consultant, Turnitin

Monday, June 26 - 1:50p - 2:10p
Tuesday, June 27 - 11:20a - 11:40a
Wednesday, June 28 - 11:20a - 11:40a

What story does your student data tell you and how can you use student performance to create a classroom of skilled writers? In this session, I will uncover the power of assessing and understanding student performance reports to help identify opportunities for instruction. Discover how to get data and instantly change your teaching as needed!

Focus on Feedback
Jennifer Knighton, National K12 Sales, Turnitin

Monday, June 26 - 2:20p - 2:40p
Tuesday, June 27 - 1:20p - 1:40p

The right feedback at the right moment in time has a significant impact on student outcomes. In this session, I will share ways that Turnitin can support both formative and summative feedback on student writing to help students become more proficient writers and help teachers become powerful leaders in writing instruction.