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Turnitin was founded on the importance of feedback in the academic writing process, starting with peer review, and evolving to text similarity detection, automated grammar feedback, and commenting and grading. We’re proud of our track record to date in helping teachers support originality and developing students’ authentic voices. At Turnitin, we offer a suite of products that uphold academic integrity and enable rich feedback including Feedback Studio, Gradescope, iThenticate, Turnitin Originality, and WriteCheck.

In line with the spirit of our mission, when we first introduced the WriteCheck service, our goal was to provide students feedback on their text similarity to better help them understand how to write with integrity, whether it was a need to add a citation, paraphrase, or incorporate more of their own ideas before submitting their work for assessment.

We believe student-teacher communication is core to learning and since students now have easier access to writing drafts and accessing feedback right within their familiar assignment workflow in Feedback Studio, WriteCheck has become redundant. The WriteCheck offering is no longer needed for students to get feedback on their assignments before submission. So we’ve made the decision to shut down the service and as of today (November 20, 2019), no longer sell credits for WriteCheck.

Our core service, Turnitin Feedback Studio, widely used in institutions globally, provides a more comprehensive formative approach to help students ensure originality in their work, including the ability to:

  • View their full Similarity Report multiple times before final submission, giving them the opportunity to identify and correct mistakes in the assignment drafting process
  • Check for text similarity directly in the assignment workflow, to ensure that promoting academic integrity becomes a routine part of the classroom experience
  • Receive feedback from their instructor on their Similarity Report, to guide their revision and growth

Our values to support originality and academic integrity are most upheld when tied to institutional use--because we want to enable educators to do their best jobs, and for students to feel supported in learning.

If you are a WriteCheck customer and have existing credits, visit the FAQs to find out more.