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My goal as the head of customer experience at Turnitin is to create an experience that allows our users to maximize their investment in Turnitin by helping them fully adopt our solutions to the utmost capability. And by doing so, I aim to elevate the educational journey for administrators, educators, and students alike. 

I’m deeply gratified to share with you today the ways in which we are moving the needle on your experience with Turnitin. 

I’ve had the privilege of working with educators and education leaders for the majority of my career running training, support, and customer success in the education technology space. When I joined Turnitin in 2019, it was through the lens of my previous experience that I took a close look at our technical support.

One of the critical points of interaction for our customers is with our technical support team, which is distributed across four offices, providing 24x7 coverage. Our support team answers customer questions and resolves technical issues on all of our products and integrations. 

My review focused on the following questions:

  • Where have we created too much customer effort and how can we mitigate it?
  • How can we leverage technology to simplify and improve the customer experience?
  • How can we create a richer experience every time customers interact with our support team?

I am happy to share that we have enacted a solution to address the above questions.

Our newly launched Turnitin Support Center provides a much richer support environment. The Turnitin Support Center ensures that customers get the very best answers to their questions no matter how they interact with Turnitin Technical Support, whether it be through email, live chat, telephone, or self-service. 

Specific features of the Turnitin Support Center include:

  • Search-enabled knowledge base articles: These articles are aimed at advising customers on how best to troubleshoot commonly encountered issues and error messages and are updated regularly. New content is added frequently, based on customer demand and data points from individual searches in the Support Center itself.
  • Search-enabled user guides: User guides are a way to access more in-depth information about our products and particular parts of our service. Our in-house product writers are the authors of these user guides, a resource to customers who want to know more about product functionality or need to onramp via integration routes, among other subject matters. 
  • Access to additional content all in one environment: We are also including our release notes so customers can learn more about our product releases and new features as they are introduced. The status of our service availability is also accessible.

Over the next few months, the TurnitinSupport Center will gain even more functionality. The next steps include the ability for administrators to log into the Support Center. This will grant administrators the ability to create and track cases, replacing prior email-based communication, and also access reporting and live chat.

Longer-term, we will look at options for creating a technical support forum. We acknowledge that sometimes the best support comes from your peers. To that end, this function will allow customers to engage with each other to share feedback, solutions, and best practices. 

We are very excited to launch this today and provide a better, more empowering customer experience. I hope this transparency into our progress helps you in your planning. If you have any feedback on our Technical Support Center, I invite you to contact