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You may not know it, but cupids live in your classroom. That’s right: tiny, cherubic beings that spread love and cheer are somewhere behind your whiteboard or beneath a stack of papers as you read this. They are responsible for those small moments that catch you off guard and make you smile, put some pep in your step, and remind you of the joys of teaching.

As Valentine’s Day arrives here in North America, we encourage educators at every level to take a moment and reflect: what are the things you love about teaching? What small moments throughout your day make you grin? If you’re still wondering, we’d like to introduce you to the Cupids of the Classroom: Flow, Muse, Whimsy, Coach, and Blossom. And there are five distinct ways that you know these creatures have paid you a visit:

  1. Flow is the calmest and most flexible cupid, living up to the name. Flow moves through challenges without fluster and isn’t the least bit upset when a jar of glitter is upended on the art table. Flow’s mantra? You guessed it: “Go with the flow.” Yes, Flow not only helps educators find their center when challenges arrive but also lifts them up to the next level. With rhythm and Flow, teachers rise above the chaos and deliver thoughtful, engaging lessons despite the turmoil around them. Like educators everywhere, Flow knows that the ups and downs of education are what make the overall ride worthwhile.
  2. Muse is a quiet creature, but an inspiration nonetheless. Muse only appears when needed most, manifesting as the perfect idea just in the nick of time. Muse assists students when they have writer’s block, nudging them in the right direction. This cupid also tiptoes around teachers’ keyboards, ensuring they find the most effective words when communicating with students, parents, and colleagues. Despite Muse’s tiny stature, it really is no small feet, er, feat when it comes to instructors finding momentum in moments of need.
  3. Laughter is the best medicine. It’s also the strongest tool in your teaching toolkit when you’re feeling overwhelmed, uninspired, or simply ordinary. That’s where Whimsy comes in: this cupid is lighthearted and fun, adding silly memes to presentation slides and making a student giggle when a science experiment goes awry. Whimsy is there to remind all teachers that even if things don’t go according to plan, the unexpected can bring its own magic.
  4. This cupid is loud and proud. This cupid is your biggest cheerleader and doesn’t take no for an answer. Coach is there with energy and encouragement because this cupid knows that educators certainly don’t get enough sleep to do what they do, nor do they get enough compensation for what is asked of them. Late at night, when educators are struggling to grade papers and finalize curriculum, or early in the morning when that alarm goes off, Coach is there, cheering: “You got this. You are incredible. I believe in you!” Coach Cupid knows that the world needs teachers to motivate students, so this cupid motivates teachers to do what they do best.
  5. Noticed significant student growth recently? Blossom may be nearby. This cupid is known for taking your already extraordinary lesson and helping students to make that final connection, advance their thinking and grow both their confidence and ability. This cupid is at the heart of ALL teaching, as learning is about discovery and transformation. Blossom reminds educators that yes, you are making a difference. With your consistent support, feedback, and patience, your students will undoubtedly blossom.

No matter which cupid has visited your classroom, we hope that you know how much your daily work means to students everywhere. Happy Valentine’s Day to all the teachers out there who approach each day with calm, inspiration, humor, motivation, and a growth mindset. We appreciate you!

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