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Turnitin values the writing process and the role that writing plays in helping us to engage with the world around us. We believe that work with words matters. Writing isn't just a skill that students learn and leave in school. As we move into different contexts, environments, and stages in life, writing is a steadfast companion, helping us to translate and process the world around us.

Since everyone has diverse experiences, perspectives, and unique points of view that motivate them to write, the Turnitin team couldn't help but wonder:

"What's your #Reason2Write?"

This Back-to-School season, we want to hear from you and your students about the role that writing plays in your life. Join the conversation by using the #Reason2Write hashtag on Twitter or Facebook and tell us why writing matters to you. The most creative response will win an iPad Pro and a guest appearance on Turnitin's NEW podcast The Written Word.

Over the next few months, keep an eye out for stories about the importance of writing and its impact. Join us in our exploration of the ways that writing improves reading comprehension, fosters creativity, and how authentic writing has changed in the last 20 years.

We hope that #Reason2Write inspires you to share your love of writing. Anyone with a Twitter or Facebook account over the age of 13 is eligible to participate. Turnitin will announce the winner on Sunday, September 30th. Please review the #Reason2Write terms and conditions below before participating.

#Reason2Write Terms and Conditions:

  • #Reason2Write is free to enter via Twitter or Facebook.

  • Participants must be 13+ to participate.

  • #Reason2Write runs from Wednesday, August 16th to Sunday, September 30th. Participants can submit original work as many times as they want.

  • Turnitin reserves the right to disqualify images that it deems unsuitable.

  • The most creative submission using the #Reason2Write hashtag will win. The winner is determined at Turnitin's sole discretion.

  • Only submit original images that you shot. By submitting your entry using the #Reason2Write hashtag, you are stating that you are the owner and copyright holder of the image submitted.

  • If your photograph contains identifiable people, you are stating that you have permission from all of the models and have a completed model release form in your possession.

  • Although photographers retain the copyright to their images, by entering them into this contest they permit unrestricted usage by Turnitin, including promoting its services, without receiving any fee or compensation.

  • Winning entries will be posted on the Turnitin website, with the submitter's name.

  • By submitting an image electronically, participants accept and agree to be bound by these rules and the decisions of contest judges, whose decisions are final.

  • By submitting an image, participants agree to release sponsors, contest promoter and their respective officers, directors, employees, agents, parent companies, affiliates and subsidiaries from liability of any kind or nature for any loss, claims, damages, or injuries of any kind associated with acceptance, possession, participation in, or use of any prizes.