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Turnitin wants to be a partner to educators everywhere as we help students navigate their educational journey. To that end, we are constantly updating our software and complementary resources to stay relevant to student and educator needs.

2020-2021, of course, was a rapidly changing ecosystem for learning. Educators, as a result, may have missed key features and instructional tools that Turnitin Feedback Studio released.

So we want to provide some highlighted updates from this past year that help educators and students interface remote, hybrid, in-person learning, and everything in between with Feedback Studio.

More Formative Learning and Integrity Insights

The landscape of education continually evolves, and so does Turnitin. Here are some updates to our software that support educators.

  • Timely formative feedback is a critical component of student learning and teaching efficacy. Frequent interventions, too, are critical to student learning outcomes, and we’ve released a feature to support students as they write. Draft Coach™ fosters writing and research skills by giving students immediate feedback ensuring authentic work, accurate citations, and proper grammar while they write in Google Docs™. 
  • Sometimes, stressed students may turn towards more purposeful short-cut tactics; Turnitin can provide insights if it comes to that. Turnitin Feedback Studio’s Flags Panel identifies instances of purposeful text modification so that educators can uphold academic integrity and foster original thinking.
  • Are your students reading feedback? The Learning Analytics Report tracks student engagement and progress by quickly seeing which students have viewed feedback and their Similarity Scores. The Learning Analytics Report is available to instructors who access Feedback Studio natively via 

Instructional Resources

Students need resources, but so do educators. And we’ve put together a variety of resources to support educators.

  • Our pedagogy and product experts have partnered to create VidBITs (Video Best Instructional Tips) to make teaching with Feedback Studio easier. These quick, 2-3 minute clips highlight essential features and instructional best practices. 
  • Featuring 20 resources, our Disrupting Plagiarism Pack provides educators and students in secondary and higher education with a formative approach to maintaining academic integrity and addressing plagiarism meaningfully when it occurs. 
  • We’ve also put together a resource page called Using Feedback Studio to Support Different Forms of Learning. This page features a robust, curated collection of downloadable resources, blogs, and videos about how to adapt to various instructional shifts in secondary and higher education due to ongoing COVID-19 concerns.

Getting Started Guides 

Finally, we have getting started guides for students and educators new to Turnitin. Different guides are available depending on whether Feedback Studio is accessed natively via or as an external tool in a learning management system like Canvas, Moodle, or Blackboard. 



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