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Turnitin is committed to supporting educators and learners. This means not only providing industry-leading assessment and integrity solutions, but also blending harmoniously with the wider needs and requirements of our customers. 

In a short time frame, the pandemic experience demonstrated two very important realities about technology adoption in education: 

  • Technology solutions can be instrumental in facilitating educational success.
  • Educators and learners can be overwhelmed by technology solutions that present inefficiencies and complexities in their workflow.

For these reasons, we at Turnitin place immense importance on our partnerships. We recognize that optimization and integration facilitate a positive, more seamless experience. Through the Turnitin Partner Program, we aim to streamline workflows and meet users where they are. 

As Todd Baker, VP of Alliances at Turnitin, puts it, “Turnitin's global partnerships help us learn and collaborate with diverse organizations to expand our like-minded visions together.”

Working together to advance education

Combined efforts and integrated solutions deliver a more streamlined experience for educators and learners. In a field that is changing rapidly, we take a proactive approach to build partnerships that will last. Many, like our partnerships with Instructure or itslearning, are already more than a decade old, pioneering collaboration and seamless integration through systems such as Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI).  

“When we team up with our partners, it is always with an eye to the future,” says Manushree Bahukhandi, Director of Business Development, Asia Pacific at Turnitin. “We work with organizations that share our vision of a more rigorous and easy-to-use learning environment. By joining forces, we seek to highlight and support all the wonderful innovations they bring to the table.” 

Our partnerships begin with a foundation of reciprocity and respect in order to maximize ongoing value for customers. 

“A successful alliance,” as our Director of Partner Success Jason Chu describes it, “centers on mutual support and trust. When we join together as partners, we work collaboratively to find the best way to integrate services. We highlight their strengths and support the important work they do so they can keep making the future brighter for learners and educators.”

Enhancing the user experience through integrated solutions

Partnerships offer customers a vast increase in functionality and productivity. Integration bridges otherwise disparate, isolated solutions to empower educators and learners. With hundreds of partners, we see the tangible benefits for customers affirmed again and again. 

To illustrate the unique advantages of working with Turnitin, we highlight three recent partnerships. Let's take a look at each of these collaboration stories.

  • Making academic integrity accessible

CollPoll, which offers universities an enterprise suite designed to enhance student experience and boost learning outcomes, partnered with Turnitin to foster a culture of integrity in online learning. The integration definitively optimized outcomes for customers while simplifying the experience.

“With this partnership,” says Founder and CEO Hemant Sahal, “we have been able to reduce the time spent on academic administrative tasks, while also addressing the pain points of the faculty members who deal with written assignments. Integrating CollPoll with Turnitin has provided our student community with immediate feedback on their submissions, and our faculty with easy access to both overall and detailed similarity reports, directly from our platform.” 

Sahal found that the partnership with Turnitin not only “reinforced a culture of academic honesty...but boosted academic efficiency.”

  • Bolstering customer delivery

Partnerships augment and raise capabilities by leveraging the expertise of both parties. Scribbr, an online academic proofreading and editing service, successfully partnered with Turnitin to bolster its delivery to customers.

“Our partnership with Turnitin,” says CoFounder and CEO Koen Driessen, “helps educate and guide our customers, students worldwide, in understanding and avoiding unintentional plagiarism. It also allows us to deliver on Scribbr's core values, making our customers 100% happy by offering the highest quality services."

  • Expanding tools and functionality

Workflow integration promotes actual utilization and maximum gain, not just more for more’s sake. Cadmus, an online assessment platform, expanded the grading tools and functionality available to teachers with Turnitin. 

The partnership, according to CEO Herk Kailis, “has given us the ability to integrate our assessment for learning platform, Cadmus, directly with Turnitin Feedback Studio. This provides our teachers and students with easy access to similarity reports and marking tools, creating a seamless assessment experience. When paired with our own functionality, the Turnitin similarity integration also creates a more holistic and robust academic integrity solution for our partners.”

Going forward

The importance of education for a bright, sustainable, and equitable future cannot be underestimated. At Turnitin, we strive to improve learning outcomes by developing solutions that promote integrity and enable more effective assessment. Our dedicated teams are building and innovating continuously to best equip educators, researchers, and learners with supportive educational technology tools.

We believe that strategic collaboration unlocks the most potential for our users. We admire and respect the valuable contributions to classrooms and institutions developed by many other EdTech companies, and recognize the boundless possibilities for mutual growth. The brightest future for education will be realized through collaborative efforts. It brings out the best in both parties and offers increasing amounts of value to customers. 

Join the Turnitin Partner Program to integrate Turnitin solutions into your offering and work together to advance education. 

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