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Plagiarism Prevention, Online Grading, and Peer Review in One Easy-to-Use service

Turnitin helps educators evaluate student work and provide great feedback to improve student learning. The cloud-based service is available at an annual subscription for schools, colleges, and universities.

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Plagiarism Prevention

Ensure Original Work

Turnitin eliminates the time-consuming process of verifying student authorship by presenting easy-to-use reports that show how much of a document is original, cited from other sources, or unoriginal. With Turnitin, educators can promote academic integrity in their classroom. Students learn the importance of original writing and attribution and foster critical thinking skills that are important to student success.

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Smarter Feedback

Turnitin’s online grading features provide instructors a simple way to leave great feedback in less time. Use a range of feedback tools, including voice comments, drag-and-drop comments, and rubric-associated comments to engage students in the feedback process. Grade online and anywhere with Turnitin for iPad.

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Online Grading

Easily evaluate student work and connect your feedback to students' grades. Use grading statistics to gain insight into class- or institution-wide progress. And, align the grading of student work across classes, departments, and schools.

Online Grading with Turnitin

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Turnitin Scoring Engine

Reliable Scores for Custom Prompts and Rubrics

Turnitin Scoring Engine quickly and reliably scores student essays. Given adequate training data, the system can reproduce expert assessments in seconds. Turnitin Scoring Engine can be used to score student entrance, placement, or proficiency exams instantly.

Turnitin Scoring Engine

Jessica Riegert
[Turnitin] is not only a plagiarism tool... it also can be used as a self-evaluative tool for our classes.
Jessica Riegert
Los Alamitos High School
Tony Russell
For me, [Turnitin] is sort of an extension of the classroom.
Tony Russell
Central Oregon Community College