Student Training

Class Calendar

The class calendar allows student users to keep track of important dates for Turnitin class assignments. The Turnitin class calendar can also display announcements, class notes, or holidays posted by the instructor.

Also on the class calendar page is a syllabus link that allows instructors to post an electronic version of their syllabus for easy student reference.

Accessing the Calendar

Each class will have its own unique Turnitin class calendar. The class calendar can be accessed from any page within the class using the calendar tab.

Calendar Items

There are four types of item that can be entered on the class calendar on Turnitin: assignments, notes, announcements, and holidays.

Turnitin Calendar Items

Assignments- assignments or peer reviews that the instructor creates are automatically added to the calendar. Click on the assignment title to view the information on the assignment

Notes- class notes uploaded by the instructor appear on the calendar. Click the "note" icon to view the note info in a new browser window

Announcements- announcements posted by the instructor appear on the calendar with an "announcement" icon. Click the link beside the icon to view the announcement

Holidays- holidays posted by the instructor appear on the calendar. All holidays on the calendar appear with a light blue highlight to the date.

Class Syllabus

If the instructor has uploaded a syllabus for the class, this can be viewed from the calendar page by clicking the "syllabus" button. The syllabus page will open and display the syllabus, if any, posted by the instructor.

Calendar List

The calendar can also be viewed in list mode. The list mode will display all assignments and calendar entries in a list, one year at a time. To view the calendar in list mode the user must click on the "list" button on the class calendar page.

To switch back to the calendar view, click the "calendar mode" button.