Instructor Training

Using Statistics to Track Performance

Each class or section created by an instructor has its own statistics page. From the stats page, an instructor can view detailed usage statistics for a class.

To access the class statistics page, click on the statistics icon to the right of the class on the instructor homepage. This icon is listed under the "statistics" column. The statistics page for the class will open.

Statistics Overview

The statistics page will list information about the class in a table. The default view of the stats will show the cumulative statistics since the creation of the class.

The stats page has options to display information for the maximum range or full lifetime of the class or section, or only a selected date range. To change to viewing only the statistics for a range of dates, use the "Show:" pull down menu on the statistics page and select stats for a specific date range. Ranges of dates available for the class will appear. Select the desired dates and click on "submit date range" to update the stats page to only reflect these dates.

The columns indicate the following information:

name- the class, section, or assignment name

join/enrollment password- the class TA join or student enrollment password

ID- the class, section, or assignment ID number

students- number of students enrolled in the class

submissions- total number of files submitted to all assignments in the class

Originality Reports- total number of Originality Reports generated for submissions

percentage ranges- (75-100%, 50%-74%, 25-49%, 0-24%, or no matches) - the number of Originality Reports whose overall similarity index was in the indicated percentage range

peer reviews- number of student peer reviews written

grademarks- number of papers that have been marked with GradeMark

graded papers- number of papers given a numeric grade

discussion replies- number of responses posted in discussion board topics

Deleted Assignments and Dropped Students

By default, the statistics page does not display deleted assignments or dropped students. For example, if a student has been dropped from a class, the submissions by this student will not be included in the statistics. An instructor can view the statistics with this information reincluded.

To reinclude deleted assignments or dropped students, use the pull down menu to the right of the class name on the statistics page and select "show dropped and deleted."

Exporting Statistics

The information from the class statistics page can be exported in a Microsoft® Excel spreadsheet format. To download in this format, click on the "export to Excel" button on the statistics page.