Instructor Training

Instructor Dashboard and Class Activity Stream

The instructor activity stream dashboard provides instructors with an overview of recent activity within their classes. The activity stream creates notifications when one of the following events occurs within a class:

  • when a student/s submits or resubmits to an assignment
  • when a student/s makes a submission after the assignment’s due date
  • when a student/s fails to make a submission to an assignment by the due date
  • when a high similarity index is generated for a submission/s
  • when a student/s views feedback on their paper in GradeMark for more than 30 seconds

To access the activity stream dashboard click on the dashboard tab once logged into Turnitin as an instructor.

The most recent events are arranged at the top of the page. When any event occurs within a class the dashboard creates a notification that includes the date the event occurred and the student names associated with the event. If multiple students activate a notification for the same event (i.e. submitting to an assignment) the dashboard consolidates the students’ names for that event. Clicking on the event expands the student list and provides the time the event occurred for each student.

Clicking on the student name from within the list will perform various actions based on the event that was triggered. For the high similarity score notification clicking on the students name opens the Originality Report for that student’s paper. Clicking on the student’s name within the assignment submission notification opens GradeMark for the submission. Clicking on the student’s name for the "no submission by assignment due date" notification will open up an email addressed to that student.

Recent and Upcoming Assignments

The instructor activity stream dashboard not only notifies the instructor to activity within classes but also displays high level information about recent and upcoming assignments. The information for assignments includes:

  • the assignment name
  • the assignment type
  • the assignment due date
  • the average similarity index score for the assignment
  • average grade for the assignment
  • the number of students who submitted to the assignment out of the total class enrollment
  • how many papers the instructor has graded for the assignment.

PeerMark assignments only display the number of reviews written for the assignment.

Clicking anywhere on the assignment information opens the assignment’s inbox.

To view more recent or upcoming assignments click on the "Show more" link below either section to reveal more assignments.

Viewing the Activity Stream for a Class

Instructors can view the activity stream for all their classes or for specific classes. The default is to display events for all the instructor’s active classes.

To view the activity stream for a specific class click on the "Viewing"drop down menu and select the desired class.

Setting the Similarity Score Notification Threshold

To change the default similarity index threshold notification for papers that generate similarity indices above the threshold click on the sprocket icon. Within the pop-up window enter the new value within the "Notify me when papers have a Similarity Index (OSI) higher than" field and then click "Apply."