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Desire2learn - Turnitin LTI integration

Turnitin may be integrated into Desire2Learn for use via LTI. The Turnitin LTI tool provides full support for the use of OriginalityCheck GradeMark, and PeerMark within Desire2Learn. Learn More

Desire2learn - Turnitin Integration

  • Supported primarily by Desire2Learn
  • Plug-in developed by Desire2Learn in cooperation with iParadigms, using the publicly available Turnitin API.
  • Allows access to Turnitin OriginalityCheck and GradeMark services (not PeerMark) without having to leave the Desire2Learn environment or log into Turnitin directly.
  • Turnitin OriginalityCheck and GradeMark are integrated into the standard Desire2Learn user interface, alongside other Desire2Learn components.
  • Allows unified management of assignments through the Desire2Learn user interface.

Update from the joint D2L and iParadigms team

Desire2Learn and iParadigms are committed to bringing the best end user experience to market for our clients by developing a seamless integration between our products.

Our integration has provided seamless access to a subset of the Turnitin Originality Checking and GradeMark features from the familiar pages of the Desire2Learn Dropbox tool for instructors and students, powered by communication behind the scenes using the Turnitin API.

Both companies share the goal of listening to and addressing customer needs, and have agreed on a joint development path to ensure our solutions will address the concerns and requests of our joint clients.

More specifically, with iParadigms' assistance, Desire2Learn plans to implement improvements to a number of the folder and user configuration processes and grading workflows.

If you have any questions or input, please do not hesitate to contact your Desire2Learn or iParadigms representatives.


User Manuals


If the answer to your Desire2Learn related question is not found here or if you have a more technical question, please view the Desire2Learn documentation, contact your Desire2Learn support channel, or contact the Desire2Learn helpdesk. For more information about the impact of Turnitin2 on your D2L integration, click here.

  • How do I enable my account for Desire2Learn integration?

    Integrations with the Desire2Learn Learning Environment use the Turnitin web services API to communicate with the Turnitin server. No plugin is required, but you must enable your account for the Desire2Learn integration and configure the Learning Environment with your account information.

    To enable your account, log in as the Turnitin Account Administrator, click the button in the Integrations column of the account list, click Configure, and enter the required information on the Integration Configuration Form. This includes an 8-character shared key, an IP address of, and a callback URL of

    You do not need to perform step 2 in the Integrations Configuration Form, because the Desire2Learn integration uses the secure web services API and does not require you to download or install any additional code or plugins.

    Use the account ID, shared key, and API URL ( to configure the settings in the Learning Environment DOME configuration tool.

    For more details on enabling the integration and configuring the Desire2Learn Learning Environment, see the Desire2Learn integration set-up guide above.

  • How do I create a Turnitin-enabled Dropbox folder in Desire2Learn?

    There is no difference in the user experience for creating Turnitin-enabled Dropbox folders versus regular Dropbox folders. Dropbox folders, or assignments, in Desire2Learn courses have a checkbox to optionally be enabled for plagiarism detection, with a number of advanced options such as choosing to release originality reports to users, etc. When the Dropbox folder is saved, the web services API is called and the instructor/class/assignment is created automatically on the Turnitin server.

  • Can group Dropbox folders in Desire2Learn be Turnitin-enabled?

    Yes. The configuration, submission and review processes are all the same. A user account for each submitting group is created on the Turnitin server automatically and used to facilitate group submissions.

  • How do users submit assignments to a Turnitin-enabled Dropbox folder in Desire2Learn?

    There is no difference in the user experience for submitting files to Turnitin-enabled Dropbox folders versus regular Dropbox folders. Files are submitted either by uploading a file or choosing an existing file from a user's or group's locker using the Dropbox tool . When the file is submitted, the Web Services API is called and the file is submitted to the Turnitin server for processing.

  • How do I receive and view Originality Reports for submitted assignments?

    When a file is submitted and being processed by the Turnitin server, the Dropbox folder will show the submission with a status of "In-Progress". When the Learning Environment identifies that an Originality Report is available, the status changes to a graphic indicating the Originality Score. This graphic can be clicked to launch the Originality Report in a new window for viewing. If specified at the time of Dropbox folder creation, the same graphic will be exposed on the submitting user's view of the Dropbox submission.

  • How do I access GradeMark for submitted assignments from a Turnitin-enabled Dropbox folder?

    If GradeMark, or online submission markup, is enabled for the course, the Markup icon will appear beside the submission on the Leave Feedback page of the Dropbox folder. Submitting users will see the icon on their view of the Dropbox submission.

  • Can I copy Turnitin-enabled Dropbox folders in Desire2Learn?

    Yes. If a Dropbox folder has been created with plagiarism detection enabled and options configured, that Dropbox folder can be copied to another course. You will need to re-enable the plagiarism detection options and ensure the destination course has been configured to have access to Turnitin, but all other properties of the Dropbox folder (name, description, dates, etc.) are maintained.

  • What does it mean if a submitted assignment remains with a status of In-Progress for a long period of time?

    Most likely, this indicates that there was an issue creating the course or assignment on the Turnitin server when the Dropbox folder was created in the Learning Environment. To troubleshoot, contact your Desire2Learn support channel, or contact the Desire2Learn Helpdesk.

  • What does it mean if a submitted assignment shows an icon that says "An originality report could not be generated for this file."?

    If there are no other details in the icon's message text, such as the file is not a supported type or does not include enough text, the generic error indicates an issue transferring the file to the Turnitin server. To troubleshoot, contact your Desire2Learn support channel, or contact the Desire2Learn Helpdesk.

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