The Effectiveness of Turnitin

in U.S. Secondary Education

An analysis of 36 million student papers from 2,862 U.S. high schools reveals reduction in unoriginal writing over time.

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in U.S. Higher Education

An analysis of over 54 million student papers from over 1000 U.S. higher education institutions shows reduction in unoriginal writing, time savings, and increases in student engagement.

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Third-Party Academic Research

The effectiveness of Turnitin in preventing plagiarism and promoting student learning has been examined in numerous academic journals. The summaries below present key findings from peer-reviewed scholarly articles on the growth of plagiarism in academics, prevention technologies and Turnitin. Each summary links to the original scholarly article which appear in English.

International Journal for Educational Integrity

Embedding Plagiarism Education in the Assessment Process

A study on how Turnitin helped to reduce levels of plagiarism among 182 higher education students.

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Learning, Media and Technology

The Mind of a Plagiarist

This paper identifies Turnitin as unique in addressing the growing problem of plagiarism and reports on how Turnitin aided the campus in identifying a repeat offender.

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Journal of University Teaching and Learning Practice

Using an electronic text-matching tool (turnitin) to detect plagiarism in a New Zealand university

This study reveals that while Turnitin was able to detect intentional plagiarism effectively, it was also an effective way to identify students who still had difficulty understanding citation.

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International Journal for Educational Integrity

Formative feedback within plagiarism education: Is there a role for text-matching software?

A three-year study that shows plagiarism reductions of by 45 percent and a 69% improvement in citations when using Turnitin as an educational tool.

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Active Learning in Higher Education

Turnitin: The student perspective on using plagiarism detection software

A survey of students that shows that 78% prefer to get their feedback from Turnitin and 100% wanting their grades communicated through Turnitin.

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Educational Technology & Society

Turning to Turnitin to Fight Plagiarism among University Students

The study across 10 classes shows how Turnitin increased levels of legitimate research in student papers from 14 to 52 percent once Turnitin was implemented. In addition, it shares data that shows that 65 percent of students were supportive of having Turnitin used in the classroom.

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International Plagiarism Conference

Making Technology Work for Academic Integrity in Malaysia

In a survey of 112 students, 74 percent of students agreed that Turnitin enabled them to identify where they needed to edit their work to avoid plagiarism, and 71 percent agreed that they were “more aware of academic integrity and the importance of academic conventions.”

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The Journal of Education for Business

Plagiarism and technology: A tool for coping with plagiarism

Turnitin helped reduce levels of plagiarism in graduate papers over a five-year period at a U.S. university.

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Internet Reference Services Quarterly

The hunt for plagiarism: Using the right tools for the right job

A comparision between two search engines and two plagiarism detection services shows that Turnitin identifies the most plagiarized materials from the broadest range of sources.

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Journal of Research onTechnology in Education

Turnitin Systems: A Deterrent to Plagiarism in College Classrooms

A study that shows when students knew their work would be run through Turnitin, they were less likely to plagiarize.

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International Review of Research in Open and Distance Learning

Plagiarism by adult learners online: A case study in detection and remediation

A study that shows Turnitin is four times more effective at recognizing plagiarism than manual detection.

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The College Teaching Methods & Styles Journal

An Evaluation of the Effectiveness of as a Tool for Reducing Plagiarism in Graduate Student Term Papers

A statistical analysis of papers submitted and not submitted to Turnitin reveals that "having access to Turnitin is effective in reducing plagiarism".

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