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Write to Read

Evidence-Based Strategies for Improving Reading with Writing

Write to Read

Steve Graham

Warner Professor, Arizona State University

Jennifer Knighton

Join us as two experts share their research about the links between writing and reading development and how writing can help students strengthen reading skills.

Formative Essay Feedback Using Predictive Scoring Models

This scholarly paper examines the performance of the predictive essay scoring models that power Revision Assistant and the innovative use of these models to provide actionable feedback to student writers.

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Closing the Feedback Loop with Better Course Design

Romy Lawson will discuss the concept of whole of program curriculum design to develop and assure student learning outcomes.

Higher and Higher: Improving the Support for Developmental Writing

Higher and Higher: Improving the Support for Developmental Writing

Discuss how a strong community, the successful integration of technology and classroom instruction, and consistent student engagement can lead to fantastic learning outcomes.

Hall Pass from Elijah: Strategies for the Classroom

Hall Pass from Elijah : Strategies for the Classroom

Hear best practices and tips for effectively using technology in writing instruction, including strategies for incorporating technology into the classroom and digital approaches for instruction.

Turnitin Global Effectiveness Study

Turnitin Global Effectiveness

This multi-year study of over 14 million student submissions examines how institutions in 15 countries use Turnitin to reduce unoriginal writing and engage students in the writing process through the use of online feedback and grading tools. Explore the results with this interactive infographic, and download detailed country-level reports.

Revision Assistant : Behind the Scenes

Revision Assistant : Behind the Scenes

This paper takes an in-depth look at the technology and content that powers Revision Assistant, a new stand-alone product from Turnitin that delivers formative feedback to students as they write. Creators Elijah Mayfield and David Adamson explore how they partnered with educators to build Revision Assistant’s content from the ground up, and how the tool leverages cutting edge machine learning to give students feedback when and where they need it most.

Revision Assistant Pilot Study Review

Revision Assistant Pilot Study Review

In 2015, Turnitin conducted a pilot study of Revision Assistant with eighteen middle and high schools, comprising 164 educators and 3,439 students. This analysis of student writing composed with the help of Revision Assistant revealed three key areas of writing growth: revision of student work, length of student compositions, and performance on standards-aligned rubrics.