• Turnitin Support Wizard and Onboarding Resources

    Turnitin is excited to announce new self-service features that make guidance more accessible to Turnitin users and improve how users get started.

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  • Finding Integrity Beyond Integrity

    This article was written by Sean Tupa, Manager of Education Programs and Research at Turnitin, and was originally given as a speech at the International Center for Academic Integrity (ICAI).

    The term “integrity,” especially in the context of “academic integrity,” is typically uttered from a defensive standpoint. For example, integrity is meant to be counterposed to the act of cheating, and of plagiarism. Integrity is mostly associated with terms like honor, honesty, and transparency. This is commonly understood, and for a good reason because, I believe, at least, these associations are good and true.

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  • Four Tips to Transform Your Students' Writing—and How You Assess It

    Image Credit: / Shutterstock

    This article was written by Sean Tupa, Manager of Education Programs and Research at Turnitin, and originally published on

    What do comedian Mindy Kaling, billionaire Elon Musk and entrepreneur Anant Agarwal have in common? They all understand the importance of feedback.

    Feedback is crucial for all students in all subjects, not just TV comics and business magnates in-the-making. And it’s at the very heart of learning how to write. Thoughtful and effective teacher responses lead students to a greater sense of self-efficacy and engagement, and an increased willingness to take risks. And yet, teachers are often unclear on how best to offer writing feedback and, more importantly, how to teach students to give meaningful feedback to themselves.

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  • 6 Exclusive AP® Exam Prompts Added to Revision Assistant

    Exciting news! Turnitin Revision Assistant now supports students preparing for Advanced Placement® Essays. In collaboration with the College Board Advanced Placement Program, the six exclusive prompts being added to Revision Assistant's rich content library have been taken directly from the 2013 AP® World History and AP® English Language and Composition exams.

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  • Promptastic: Promoting Critical Thinking

     Promptastic: Introducing Revision Assistant's Latest Prompts!

    March began with Super Tuesday and elections will continue across the country this month. It’s a good opportunity to challenge your students to reflect on our country’s legacy of civil service with relevant prompts in Revision Assistant. Below are some ways to encourage critical thinking and hone your students’ writing skills.

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  • Turnitin and Academic Integrity in India

    Panel members discuss academic integrity
    In November 2015 Turnitin and local agents Balani Infotech teamed up to run a series of awareness raising events throughout India to share good practice from colleagues in the region and beyond. Guest speakers and academics from Delhi, Bhubaneswar and Bangalore shared proactive approaches to promoting academic integrity from their students to promote a vision of Turnitin as a formative tool to support the academic writing process.

    The well attended events provoked lively discussions between invited speakers and delegates and went some way to developing an active community of scholarly practice on the subject. As one delegate commented:

    “As more and more research and development goes on in our country, be it is scientific or otherwise, and original thoughts and content is encouraged from scholars, an awareness of academic integrity is very important.”

    During the event in Bangalore delegates were able to meet with two of our Global Innovation Awards finalists from the Asia region who were able to present their experiences. Student Engagement Award winner Manju Naika from the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay presented his view as a librarian tasked with offering guidance on using Turnitin to students at his university and Academic Integrity Award Honorable Mention Badrinath HR discussed the challenges he faces at Alliance University in raising awareness in a diverse cultural environment.

    The events coincided with the the launch of a Turnitin Global Effectiveness study which showed Indian higher education institutions using Turnitin enjoyed an overall 49% decline in unoriginal student writing based on around one million submissions from universities in the region to date. The study also indicated embryonic interest in using Turnitin for online grading and feedback from institutions in India.

  • Equipping Students for the Future

    For John Thompson, Head of the Literature and Writing Department at QSI International School of Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina it was never simply about addressing plagiarism, but as an english teacher, a broader desire to equip high school students with the writing and research skills needed to enable them to make a smooth transition to higher education. John brought his experiences of using Turnitin in the US to this culturally diverse international school and through training and practical classroom exercises has cultivated an environment where original and critical thinking is encouraged and rewarded. His passion and commitment have been rewarded with a Global Innovator Award: Honorable Mention. Read John's case study.

  • College Video Highlights How Turnitin Helps Improve Student Writing


     Written by Lisa Boutin Vitela, Ph.D.

    In January 2015, Professor Julie Trager and I began a two-week initiative entitled “Let’s Write and Turn It On” to emphasize the importance of writing across the academic disciplines and to increase use of Turnitin at Cerritos College. Our initiative encouraged all faculty members to assign a writing assignment to be submitted and graded on Turnitin within the first two weeks of the semester. We distributed fliers and hung up posters that explained our initiative across campus. We also presented the features of Turnitin at meetings of the Faculty Senate and at the meetings of many of our academic divisions. Finally, we met with faculty for one-on-one tutorials in our Cerritos College Center for Teaching Excellence. Many faculty members joined us in our promotion efforts by sharing their success stories with colleagues. 

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  • Integrating the Assessment Process

    For Steve Hoole, e-Learning Services Manager at Buckinghamshire New University in the UK implementing the most up to date and innovative technologies to enhance the assessment process across the institution is key to his team’s success. Although use of Turnitin was well-established at the university Steve had a vision for a fully integrated assessment system which would benefit and enhance the learning process for both staff and students. Steve won a Turnitin Global Innovator Award for his drive and ambition in developing an innovative scheme to incentivise staff to make use of learning technologies in their teaching. Read Steve's case study.

  • Making a Difference

    As part of a drive towards greater efficiency and to help streamline the assessment process at Bradford College, UK, Clare Wolfenden, Senior Lecturer and Course Leader saw the opportunity to champion the use of Turnitin in order to offer her education students online feedback on their work. Clare initiated a comprehensive training program with all staff in the department to make use of Turnitin and automate the whole assessment and feedback process. Clare won the Turnitin Innovator Award in recognition of her work which has made a real difference to both staff and students in the department. Read Clare's case study.