Fall 2011 Release Highlights

Smarter, Faster Grading with ETS® e-rater®

Turnitin has partnered with Educational Testing Service to integrate its e-rater grammar analysis tool within GradeMark, our online markup tool.

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ETS e-rater

The e-rater technology automatically flags grammar, style, usage, mechanics and spelling errors so instructors can spend less time correcting and more time teaching. Instructors can easily edit or remove individual marks on the student paper or choose to expose or hide entire categories of feedback. Using this tool, instructors across the curriculum who do not typically focus on writing mechanics can still provide students with guidance and reinforcement on how to improve their writing skills.

Students can view their marks and access writer's handbooks that offer feedback in ten languages.* Additionally, students can view the marks from the ETS e-rater engine simultaneously with feedback from OriginalityCheck, GradeMark and PeerMark for deeper insight into their written work.

* ETS e-rater is only available for U.S. customers and select markets.
e-rater, ETS and the ETS logo are registered trademarks of Educational Testing Service (ETS), and used under license.

Class Copy

Save Time with 'Class Copy'

Have a Turnitin class you want to reuse this term? The new Class Copy feature allows you to copy a class from one term to the next. This new feature saves you time by copying all assignments, associated rubrics as well as instructor-created discussion topics into your new class.

Monitor 'Student Engagement'

Instructors who've adopted online grading in their classrooms are thrilled with the time savings and rich feedback they're able to provide their students. But how can you be sure students are actually getting the feedback, and not just looking at their grades? The new Student Engagement feature shows you if students have opened and viewed the GradeMark feedback on their papers.

Student Engagement

Improved Originality

Improved Originality

We are always working to deliver the most useful originality reports to our instructors. As the Turnitin database closes in on 200 million student papers, we're tuning our algorithms to reduce the number of random matches to student papers. Our fundamental matching algorithms are the same, but what is displayed as a match may change.