Discontinuing the Old GradeMark

Turnitin users will no longer be able to access old version of GradeMark after July 23, 2012. If you are still using this earlier version, we recommend you switch to the current version of GradeMark as soon as possible.

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We launched the current generation of GradeMark within the Document Viewer in 2010 and have continued to improve it. GradeMark in the Document Viewer offers many of the familiar features of the previous version like leaving QuickMark comments, typing comments directly on the paper, highlighting with multiple colors, and grading with rubrics. It also gives you improved functionality like overlaying the OriginalityCheck feedback with PeerMark comments, while leaving comments in GradeMark on a fully-formatted student paper.

Start using GradeMark in the Document Viewer today. Try the new GradeMark Interactive Tutorial »