Downloadable Digital Receipts

20120614 digitalreceiptIn response to user requests, Turnitin will be making changes to how students can access the digital receipts for their submissions. We plan to make these changes in August 2012. The following are the changes that will be included in the new digital receipt process:

  • The digital receipt will be downloadable as a PDF from the student's class homepage and from the document viewer—instructors will also be able to download this PDF digital receipt from the document viewer.
  • The new PDF version of the digital receipt will include the submission date and time.
  • The digital receipt that appears on the screen after the student has successfully submitted a paper will now include a message explaining how students can access this PDF version of the digital receipt for download and printing.
  • The email digital receipt that is sent to students will no longer include text from the submitted paper - the emailed receipt will contain a confirmation message and directions for how to access the new PDF digital receipt.

These changes will help to ensure that all students (even those without email addresses) can easily access their digital receipts and will make the digital receipt more readily printable for students who are required to print their receipts.

Please take note of these changes if you require students to print out their digital receipts for their or your records.

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