From Feedback to Features

20100820 feedbackAs part of the Turnitin2 changes that will be launched on September 4th, 2010, we included many feature changes that were requested by users through our Feedback Forum. These requests included:

A way to see the formatted paper in the Originality Report
This is one of the key changes to the Originality Report for Turnitin2, all of the formatting from the student's paper will be preserved in the new report.

A way to see the matches from the Originality Report in GradeMark
This gets to the heart of the changes made in Turnitin2. The user can now see the services layered on top of one another. This allows users to see the Originality Report highlights while marking the paper in GradeMark.

An easy way to see other potential sources for the matches in the Originality Report
In the new Originality Report in Turnitin2, users will have the ability to select to "view additional sources" when they hover on a source in the Primary Source list (the list of sources in the default view of the report). This option will show all of the sources from the Turnitin databases that were found to match the highlighted section of text.
The ability to create rubrics outside of GradeMark
The rubric and QuickMark managers for Turnitin2 will be available through the "libraries" tab in instructors' Turnitin accounts. Now instructors won't have to wait until a paper is submitted to create rubrics or QuickMark comments.

The ability to add marks from the standard GradeMark QuickMark sets to the instructor's own set of marks
In the new QuickMark manager, users will be able to add marks from the standard set of marks and from a shared mark set to their own sets. They will also be able to add their own custom marks to those standard and shared sets.

The ability to mark papers that are in landscape layout
The new document processing system behind Turnitin2 will handle a wide variety of page layouts and sizes. This includes landscape, letter, A4, legal and many others.

Clarification that the submission preview screen is text only so students don't worry that their formatting was lost.
As part of the Turnitin2 submission process, students will see a notice on the submission preview and approval page telling them that the text is unformatted, and they will receive a copy of the fully formatted first page of their submission as part of their digital receipt.

Separate rubric score and paper grade
Rubrics have been changed to allow instructors to choose whether to apply the rubric score as the grade for the paper.

Show what filters the student has used on the Originality Report print out
The print view of the new Originality Reports will include notations on the settings for the Originality Report filters (quote exclusion, bibliographic exclusion, and match percentage/word count exclusions) at the time of the printing.

Current instructors and administrators can access the Turnitin Feedback Forum by clicking the 'Feedback Forum' link in the top-right navigation bar when logged into Turnitin (next to the 'Help' and 'Logout' links). This is a great way to submit your ideas on what features the Turnitin team should add or consider, or to vote on other users' ideas.

*special thanks to Tabitha, Turnitin's Product Specialist, for moderating the Turnitin Feedback Forums and making sure your voice is heard.