Accidental Plagiarists

20110126 accidentalplagiaristsThere is little doubt that a large part of plagiarism incidents are intentional attempts to cheat, perhaps an equal proportion of incidents stems from students that are uninformed or unaware of proper citation and plagiarism. According to an article in THE Journal, this idea is supported by many educators as well as new research concluding that increasing knowledge on plagiarism and citation is a more effective approach than punitive approaches.

Heather Scott, a Turnitin power user and English teacher at Air Academy High School in Colorado, first turned to Turnitin to help identify potential plagiarism. She quickly found the key to reducing plagiarism in her classes was in providing feedback to the students. With GradeMark®, Scott is able to show students what they did wrong, how to correct it, why it is important, and reinforce it in future assignments. She has even found tremendous value and results from having students review other student papers with PeerMark. Read the entire article, "The Accidental Plagiarists" in THE Journal.