Obama on Education Nation

U.S. President Barack Obama participated in a live half-hour interview on NBC's TODAY show with Matt Lauer talking about education as part of the "Education Nation” summit. Watch the interview here:

Read the transcript at:

Some highlights from the interview:

  • Statistics on US students—1/3 of students don't graduate; 1/3 new grads are not college-ready; only 35% are proficient at reading;
  • Money without reform will not fix the problem
  • Reform agenda—increase standards; best teachers; reducing bureaucracy; deploying resources effectively;
  • Race-to-the-Top
  • Unions need to be part of the solution
  • Lift and honor the teaching profession
  • Lottery systems for quality schools and charter schools
  • Accountability and involvement from parents
  • Train 10,000 new math and science teachers
  • Longer school years
  • Quality of public and private schools
  • Inspiring the next-generation of teachers
  • Educations role in reviving and sustaining the economy