Turnitin Among Favorite eLearning ToolsTurnitin Among Favorite eLearning Tools

20120725 elearnTurnitin's PeerMark and GradeMark tools are listed in eLearn Magazine's feature article "eLearning Tools for English Composition: 30 New Media Tools and Web Sites for Writing Teachers" by college compusition and literature instructor Keri Bjorklund. She writes:

"Want to get students away from simply commenting on grammatical or punctuation errors? They can conduct in-depth peer reviews using Turnitin [which] provides peer review questions that link critical thinking skills with writing skills. You can even create your own questions and require a minimum word count for students. This keeps down the yes/no answers and forces them to think about the essay in front of them."  "Timely feedback is fundamental to student success, but for it to be effective, it must also be efficient. When it comes to responding to student writing, the following tools are huge assets to instructors. And when used in combination, they can transform mundane grading into interactive and powerful teachable moments."

" [offers a complete suite] of toolsfor plagiarism checking [OriginalityCheck], peer review [PeerMark], grading [GradeMark], and more. Originally an anti-plagiarism site, Turnitin has evolved into an indispensible teaching and grading tool. Students upload essays, check the originality of their content against a database of papers, and learn how to avoid plagiarism. It's also an electronic grading tool and a valuable resource for teaching citation and research. Peer review is another option that electronically disperses essays to students."

"GradeMark [is a] paperless grading tool [. . .] I cannot live without. Simply drag and drop comments in any essay, quickly create and save personalized comments, create rubrics, or incorporate tools already available in GradeMark. It cut my grading time in half."

Read about all of her other favorite tools in the article "eLearning Tools for English Composition: 30 New Media Tools and Web Sites for Writing Teachers" in eLearn Magazine.

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