Saving Time with GradeMark

Here at Turnitin, we typically revolve around the world of writing, but today we're going to take a look at some basic mathematics. At the Turnitin User Event in Orlando in February, Beth Sawyer, a high school English instructor, gave a presentation on "Saving Time with GradeMark."

Beth teaches 108 students in 5 classes. For a standard essay, she used to spend about 15 minutes per essay to read, evaluate, and grade:

108 essays x 15 minutes = 1620 minutes = 27 hours.

That's 27 hours outside of preparing and teaching her classes.
With GradeMark's rubrics and QuickMark comments, Beth has been able to cut her grading time in half while providing more feedback than before. But let's say modestly that she is able to reduce her evaluation time down to 10 minutes per essay:

108 essays x 10 minutes = 1080 minutes = 18 hours.

That's a time savings of 9 hours, repeated several times each year. So what could you do with 9 hours this week?